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Flashpoint: An Epic of Epic Epicness?

For today’s Flashpoint Friday, DC Comics said a few words about the scope of the event, which is “so big and ambitious that there will be fifteen mini series expanding on the events, along with several important one shots.”

Yeah, you read that right.

  • One central 5-issue miniseries by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert.
  • 15 tie-in miniseries.
  • “Several” “important” one-shots.

DC will be announcing 14 of the 15 miniseries’ titles this afternoon.

They also add, for those readers who haven’t quite tumbled to the fact, that “This isn’t a parallel Earth. This isn’t a mirror world. This is home.

There may be something to last week’s Bleeding Cool rumor that DC will alter their publishing line during the event. With 15 miniseries, I can imagine DC putting 15 titles on hiatus for a few months and publishing the minis instead. Not necessarily the best timing with the Green Lantern movie coming out, but there’s undoubtedly more to the plans.

Also of note: The creative team was described as “Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope.” I don’t remember Sandra Hope being mentioned in connection with the title before. It may be that she’s been doing the inks all along and they were only publicizing Andy Kubert’s more-famous name, or it may be that she’s been brought to ink the later issues so that Kubert has more time to finish the pencils.

(Apologies to Scott Pilgrim for the headline.)

Speed Reading: Scott Pilgrim, Comic-Con and Fantasy Books

Hilton Bayfront with Scott Pilgrim Banner.Some items I’ve written about elsewhere that might be of interest to this site’s readers.

First up: I’ve finally found the time to finish my San Diego Comic Con write-ups! Here’s Saturday and Sunday at Comic-Con International!

Review: I liked Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It was a fun movie/comic/video game mash-up, and it’s a shame that so few people have gone to see it.

Speaking of reviews and things that are insanely late: I found some interesting reviews on Amazon this week while looking for long-delayed fantasy books, including Tokoypop’s Labyrinth and Dark Crystal series. I found it most amusing that George R.R. Martin’s fans are already reviewing A Dance With Dragons…even though the book isn’t finished yet. More precisely: they’re reviewing the wait for the book!

Speed Reading: Bad Comics, Gaga, Firefly Trek and More

More weekend linkblogging!

Grumpy Old Fan asks (and answers) the question: why reprint “bad” comics?

Wikipedia has a good breakdown of comic book super-powers.

Collected Editions takes a look at DC’s Spring 2011 trade paperbacks.

Fantastic image: Firefly crew as the Enterprise crew. Classic Star Trek, of course.

Sillof, the custom action figure builder who made the Steampunk Justice League and Legion of Doom, collaborated with Glorbes on a Star Wars in World War II series.

Empire Online has a set of Lucas Lee Movie Posters featuring one of Ramona’s Evil Ex-Boyfriends from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Humor! The Onion reports: Supervillain Lady Gaga Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon.

Science! Darryl Cunningham debunks the Moon Hoax in comic-book form.