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Speed Reading: Cupcakes & Death, Futurama X-Men and Robots from Space

Some funny links from the last week or so two…

Geoff Johns and Matt Fraction joke about a Green Lantern/Iron Man crossover.

Ah, super-heroes and dead parents! The cliche is so established that it’s been spoofed, as Comics Should Be Good spotlights Kill All Parents in their Year of Cool Comics.

Comics Oughta Be Fun mashes up those Hostess cupcake ads with Gwen Stacy death to reveal…what really happened the night of June 16, 1973.

gottabecarl draws the Futurama cast as the X-Men via IO9 and Ryan the Iowan.

The National Park Service really is having problems with a movie about “Robots from Space” — Transformers 3.

And totally off-topic, but I thought it was funny: a local city is really concerned that you understand that the dead grass is intentional and not a sign of *gasp!* poor maintenance.

Cheetor of Two Worlds

Cheetor of Two Worlds, originally uploaded by Gizmo_Tracer.

I found this photo while searching for more “Flash of Two Worlds” homages. There’s a whole series of comic book cover homages using Transformers toys.

Gizmo_Tracer describes the composition like this:

Cheetor as The Flash just seems obvious, and the ‘Flash of Two Worlds’ cover has always struck me as a real classic, thus, here we are.