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Flash Cakes and the Flash Fury

Remember those Hostess Flash Cakes? Shannon writes in:

Just thought I would share with you, we were in our local store and found Flash Cakes awhile back (we haven’t found them since though), and loved the whole idea. My boyfriend, Joe, is an Indy wrestler for RCW (a few others as well) and goes by the name Flash Fury. When we found the cakes on the shelf, he grabbed up a box up did a little pose with them for a picture, our friends at the wrestling shows love the picture. We are hoping to find more Flash cakes to take with us to the shows. We love them!

Great story, Shannon! Thanks for sharing!

Speed Reading

Some linkblogging for the weekend.

Flash Cakes & GLO Balls from Hostess (Who Else?)

Rickey Purdin’s discovery of Green Lantern GLO-Balls in the supermarket has been making the rounds of comics blogs this week, but he spotted another super-hero-themed snack at the same time: Flash Cakes.

OK, so the name doesn’t amuse the inner twelve-year-old. But it does call to mind those 1970s Hostess ads in which super-heroes, the Flash included, defeated villains with the power of Twinkies. Usually they were low-rent villains like the Bureauc-Rat, Destroyer, Medusa and Dr. Sorcery, but occasionally real villains like Mirror Master or the Penguin.

They’re also surprisingly close to convincing me to buy Hostess cupcakes for the first time in a decade, and I’m married to someone who can make considerably better cupcakes in her sleep. (Of course, she’d probably draw the Flash symbol on the top, rather than simply toss yellow sprinkles onto the red frosting.) Update: She did!

Oh, for the record:

Speed Reading: Cupcakes & Death, Futurama X-Men and Robots from Space

Some funny links from the last week or so two…

Geoff Johns and Matt Fraction joke about a Green Lantern/Iron Man crossover.

Ah, super-heroes and dead parents! The cliche is so established that it’s been spoofed, as Comics Should Be Good spotlights Kill All Parents in their Year of Cool Comics.

Comics Oughta Be Fun mashes up those Hostess cupcake ads with Gwen Stacy death to reveal…what really happened the night of June 16, 1973.

gottabecarl draws the Futurama cast as the X-Men via IO9 and Ryan the Iowan.

The National Park Service really is having problems with a movie about “Robots from Space” — Transformers 3.

And totally off-topic, but I thought it was funny: a local city is really concerned that you understand that the dead grass is intentional and not a sign of *gasp!* poor maintenance.

Missed Opportunity: Hostess Fruit Pie Corps!

This frivolous complaints about Blackest Night thread is a fun read. My favorite is on page 4, with these two comments.

Greg Owens:

Nekron was not defeated by the use of delicious Hostess Fruit Pies. Complete and utter failure on DC’s part.


Not just fruit pies, but a fruit pie corps. Seven different-colored pies to represent the flavor spectrum.

I can just imagine DC trying to work the low-rent villains and nonsensical plots from those Hostess ads that were all over late 1970s/early 1980s comics into modern continuity…only to make them all darker and edgier.

Weekend Speed Reading: Wally, Flashforward, Hostess Ads and More

Geoff Johns reassures fans of Wally West that “Wally’s not only going to be fine, he’s going to kick ass.”

The third installment of Views from the Speed Force is up. The spinoff from the Views from the Longbox podcast has been focusing on each issue of Flash: Rebirth, and this one tackles issue #3.

Fanboy Wife contemplates the Flash, alternate meanings of the name, the value of hard water and just what super-speed is good for.

Blog@Newsarama considers what might go into a second volume of Wednesday Comics.

Tomheroes has a collection of super-hero Hostess ads from the 1970s. I’ve mentioned these before, and profiled the lame villains who appeared in the Flash installments. This page doesn’t have the snarky commentary of Seanbaby’s Hostess Page, but some of the scans are somewhat higher quality.

The Weekly Crisis is giving away 4 trade paperbacks and hardcovers in a contest to celebrate two years online.

Over at K-Squared Ramblings I’ve written up the Flash Forward panel at Comic-Con. This show looks like it’s going to be awesome! Also: the Lost panel was full of win. I missed it, but my wife posted a detailed write-up.