January 29, 2013

Young Justice Cancelled?!?!

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Hey Speed Readers,

So yesterday afternoon Cartoon Network released their 2013-2014 Fall schedule with two very noticeable omissions: Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, currently the only place where Flash Family fans can get even a semblance of satisfaction. The series appear to have been replaced by a revived version of the old Teen Titans cartoon entitled Teen Titans Go! (after the comic adaptation) and the latest Batman animated venture, Beware The Batman.


For all those saying that they didn’t see this coming they must have had some hardcore blinders on. When the Young Justice toy line was cancelled I knew that this show was on life support from then on. WB and Cartoon Network are all about maximizing their profits and this comes from advertising and selling toys. That and the endless hiatuses just kind of spelled doom to me. Poor Green Lantern never even got a toy line and with the failure of the movie franchise it was only a matter of time before they traded him in for their number one toy and ad space seller, Batman.


So thanks for all the memories Young Justice. From the adaptation of The Flash v2 #1 to the first appearance of the Flash family (Wally, Barry, Jay, and Bart) on screen it has been quite a ride for us Flash fans. We also got some awesome Kid Flash action figures out of this series (and almost got another Impulse), something we probably won’t get again for a long time.


We do still have a video game coming up that should hopefully be a nice send off to the world of Young Justice. I definitely plan on picking up Young Justice: Legacy.

So who is going to miss Young Justice? Who is looking forward to the next animated Justice League project? What do you all think of the replacements? Let us know in the comments below.

Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson