Speed Reading: Mark, Barry, Daphne, Mopee and Hippies

BOOM! Studios has launched MarkWaid.com, at which BOOM! Editor-in-Chief and long-time Flash writer Mark Waid has started his own blog. (via Newsarama) Meanwhile, CBR writes up his new Incredibles! comic. Update: Also, a new Potter’s Field one-shot, “Stone Cold,” is coming in March.

Ethan Van Sciver mentions in his latest Your Time is Now Mine column that he has drawn four covers for Flash: Rebirth #1, though DC is only using two of them for the first issue. “We’ll see where they pop up!” he says. My bet: one of them will appear on the inevitable second printing.

Progressive Ruin looks into a forgotten Flash supporting cast memberMopee — and a surprise find in the old Flash comics letters column: a letter from a fan named Cary Bates!

4thletter! bemoans the fact that Barry Allen’s return appears to be linked to another speedster’s death.

Comic Coverage looks at an editor’s excuse for a then-shocking swear word appearing on the cover of a 1960s Flash comic.

Death in Comics is clearly on the collective mind of the blogosphere, with (again) 4thLetter and Mania weighing in.

Armagideon Time reminds us all to lighten up a bit. It’s only a hobby, after all.

And finally, Heroes’ Brea Grant posts this fan picture of Daphne, Flash and Quicksilver by Drawing Power:

Speedsters by Drawing Power: Quicksilver, Daphne, and the Flash


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Mark, Barry, Daphne, Mopee and Hippies

  1. papa zero

    I have the Mopee issue… while the story is fun, it never quite settled right that such a yutz of a character would be responsible for his origin. Since I’ve been out of touch since issue 40 or so of the second series – it would be interesting to see a run down of the origin retcons / rewwrites for all of those that have carried the mantle. I really liked the Secret Origins version that suggested Barry Allen became the bolt of lightning that gave him his powers – but that kind of symmety appeals to guys like me with interest in quantum physics…

  2. Lia

    I seem to recall seeing several letters from Cary Bates in the Flash lettercols. As well as from Peter Sanderson, Steve Leialoha, and I think at least one more person later in the industry.

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