Creator Catch-Up: Waid, Guggenheim, Van Sciver, Acuña, Infantino

Mark Waid‘s all over the place. CBR has two interviews: First he talks about Irredeemable, then at NYCC he unveils The Unknown, a 4-issue miniseries described as “What if Doc Savage were written by David Lynch?” and adds more details on Irredeemable. There’s also a bit about his Spider-Man arc, “24/7” with Mike McKone, and Newsarama writes about Irredeemable

Geoff Johns was all over New York Comic-Con, but the biggest announcement was the confirmation that he’ll write Adventure Comics with Francis Manapul on art. (Johns’ role in the book has been suspected since the new series was announced, given that he’s spent the last year and a half re-establishing the pre-Crisis version of the Legion of Super-Heroes in Justice Society of America, Action Comics, and Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.)

SILive’s article on New york Comic-Con profiles Silver-Age Flash co-creator Carmine Infantino.

IGN interviews Marc Guggenheim about his Green Lantern movie script.

Newsarama interviews Daniel Acuña.

Ethan Van Sciver explains his theory linking US political shifts to the popularity of Werewolves and Zombies vs. Vampires and Aliens in pop culture.