Rebirth Responses: Costumes and Identities

Flash: Rebirth #5 has certainly gotten people talking! I’m still building a list of reviews, but here are some sites discussing major changes in costumes and identities. Beware spoilers!

High Five! Comics talks about that “new hero” who “step[s] into an old speedster’s boots” in Refrigerator Busting #2: You Know What the Speed Force Needs More Of?

Comics Alliance is thrilled that Impulse is back.

Blog@Newsarama discusses Flash Fashion.

Film Fodder considers the problem of superheroes sharing a name and looks at the broader implications of bringing back old characters instead of actually creating new ones.


2 thoughts on “Rebirth Responses: Costumes and Identities

  1. papa zero

    I know Wally has put is kids out there before… but you still have to wonder – wouldn’t the elders in the Flash family want Iris to run away from the battle with the lunatic murderous Reverse Flash?


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