Exclusive Flashpoint Edition Professor Zoom Announced for SDCC 2011

Awesometoyblog.com announced earlier this week that an exclusive Flashpoint Edition Professor Zoom will be available at San Diego Comic Con 2011.  Just like the exclusive White Lantern Flash released at C2E2 and Wondercon, this figure will be distributed by popular pop culture T-Shirt company, Graphitti Designs and will be limited to 4000 pieces (fairly big leap from the 1000 available for White Lantern Flash).

Some pictures courtesy of Awesometoyblog.com:


Apologies for the small picture but that is what we get for now. This is only the second full size figure of Professor Zoom ever released by DC Direct (third if you count the Blackest Night version) and the tenth overall (including the Uni-formz and Blammoid “figures”) released. I’m actually more excited for this release than I am for Flashpoint Flash, but that isn’t unusual; Since we rarely see any villains or Rogues (outside of Grodd) it is always a treat when I get someone new to add to my collection. Sure this is the third version of Zoom released but the only one in the traditional costume was based on Ed McGuinness’ art style, which may be swell in comic form but does not translate to a figure that I enjoy looking at. Plus it was a weird amalgam of Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon that kind of worked but kind of made no sense. On the other hand the Blackest Night Professor Zoom, which I thought had a fantastic sculpt, wasn’t quite the iconic Zoom that I was looking for. This new one looks pretty solid and I like the fact that they chose a completely different head sculpt rather than trying to pass off a repainted Barry as Zoom. I wasn’t terribly keen on the body sculpt when I first saw the promotional pictures, but seeing him on card gives me a whole new perspective. The body type isn’t too bulky and they captured Thawne’s manic expression perfectly.  He looks like a straight up evil loon. I do kind of wish they would have included his random staff from Flash: Rebirth but I think the people at DC realized just how random it was. Unfortunately not before they released the Professor Zoom Eaglemoss Figurine.

Again with the exclusives though. Many of us had to do terrible things to get the White Lantern Flash and Heat Wave figures and now they are doing this to us again? Argh! On the bright side there are 4000 pieces as opposed to the 1000 available for the White Lantern Flash. So if Graphitti Designs plans on selling them online after the fact or a few months later there will be a much better chance to snag one. Still odd that they are planning this as an exclusive instead of just releasing it in the Flashpoint Action Figure line. I wonder if they actually plan on continuing the line after the first series?

In any case, put this down for me as a must grab. Yeah big surprise, right? It may come as a shock to some but there are still some things I haven’t purchased just because I don’t like them. This is an expensive hobby and thus the ability to discern between things you really care for and things you really just want because they have a lightning bolt on them is a useful ability indeed.

So who plans on trying to scare up a Flashpoint Professor Zoom? Are you going to be trying the convention route, the evilBay route or the wait and see Graphitti route? Let us know below!

Thanks to Josh Boman for the tip! You Rock, Man!

Devin “Flash” Johnson


7 thoughts on “Exclusive Flashpoint Edition Professor Zoom Announced for SDCC 2011

    1. Mike W.

      Price doesn’t matter to me. IF someone is reading this and going to SDCC I want one! I’ll pay more than $30 for it too. Why does this have to be an exclusive? There has only ever been two figures of Reverse-Flash made up to this point. Total Justice/JLA line and the one in that goofy over-stylized form like the rest of the JLA Classfied line-up. This should be released in mass markey form. Hell, Reverse-Flash should get his own figure in the Mattel DC Classics line-up! Their reasoning for making this an exclusive figure just baffles me! So like I said, I will pay for one if someone is going and can get me one!

  1. Lee H

    I have to wonder how this will be an exclusive. Surely there’ll be a Professor Zoom in the standard Flashpoint action figure line? (Maybe they’ll use a different facial expression or something…)

  2. Ken O

    I suppose it all depends on the price I see him going for. He looks cool, but I really don’t feel like dropping a ton of money on him.

  3. Mike W.

    And speaking of Graphitti Designs has anyone else noticed all the different Flash T-shirts they are offering now. The Flashpoint stuff in particular as well as the Central City Crime Lab and the Central City Track tee’s gonna have to place an order soon!


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