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Speed Reading

You get a giant-sized linkblogging post this weekend, since I was out of town last week.

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  • Francis Manapul is growing a mustache for Movember (not a typo) to raise money to fight prostate cancer. Help sponsor him today!
  • US readers: Congress is still debating a bill that would open the door to censoring the internet. Speed Force participated in American Censorship Day this past Wednesday to highlight the cause. Read about the Stop Online Piracy Act (which won’t do anything of the sort) and Protect-IP Act, then write!
  • Lots of people want to write a novel. National Novel Writing Month helps them do it. I’ve participated in the event twice, and actually finished a 50,000 page word novel one year (though it’s a long way from being polished enough to share with anyone.) Help keep the program going by donating today!
  • The Spam Primer (run by the author of This Is True) is worth a look. It’s a quick run-down of how spammers operate, how spam-fighting works, and what you can do to keep junk out of your mailbox.

Also, remember that Speed Force is now on Google Plus.

Hero Initiative auction

The Hero Initiative is auctioning 104 pieces of original Justice League covers to benefit creators in need. The art was donated by a variety of artists, including popular Flash creators like Francis Manapul and Scott Kolins, and will be sold at three different auctions beginning in December. Because the theme is the Justice League, there are plenty of pieces with the Flash, but also Jesse Quick, the Crime Syndicate’s Johnny Quick, and even the occasional Flash foe.

See all the art pieces here, grouped by when they are to be sold. There are some fairly impressive pieces available, so even if you can’t afford to buy, it’s well worth a look! The site also includes details of when and where the live auctions will be held, and notes that people unable to attend will be permitted to bid by proxy. The proxy bid deadline for the first batch of covers is November 23rd, so be sure to check it out soon.

Hero Initiative is also selling hardcover and softcover books collecting all the art, available in December.

Media Blitz!: New Interviews Focus on the Science Behind The Flash

The Flash creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato made the rounds again this week, popping up over at MTV Geek! and at Yahoo! Associated Content to talk about the science behind the new Flash series and its roots in the real world.  The MTV article also included an exclusive look at Flash #5, which is located just below:

The duo talked about concepts like Augmented Cognition, which showed up in issue #2, as well as some of the science behind Mob Rule.  For excerpts, see you after the jump…

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T-Shirt: Flash Drive (No Longer Available)

It’s been a while since we wrote about TeeFury, but they’ve got another Flash-themed shirt available for one day only.

The design by Wenceslao A Romero is only available until midnight EST, so if you want one, buy it today.

On a related note, while Mimobot has the current license for actual DC Comics-inspired flash drives, they’ve been sticking with the Batman and Green Lantern characters for now. You’d think someone over there would see the inherent appeal of a Flash flash drive.

“Lightning Strikes” DC Universe Online!

Hey Speed Readers,

For those of you still playing DC Universe Online for the PS3 and PC (or that jumped back on board for the Free to Play Content), the second expansion pack, “Lightning Strikes” is forthcoming and will be focusing on some of our favorite speedsters and adding some new gameplay elements as well.


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