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Debut of the Justice League: War Trailer

IGN has posted the trailer for the next upcoming DC Animation film, Justice League: War. Based on Geoff Johns’ and Jim Lee’s first Justice League storyline in the New 52, the film is the first animation feature to be set in the New 52 universe. The Flash appears in the trailer, but takes something of a back seat to some of the other Justice League members.

Watch the trailer here:


What do you think? Are you interested in watching the film?

This Week: Teen Titans Annual, Impulse meets…Captain Saturn?

Teen Titans Annual 2
Leading into next month’s landmark issue #25, the Teen Titans continue their trip through time as the team must confront Jon Lane Kent, the Superboy of the future, who could one day wipe out the most powerful heroes on Earth. Can the Titan’s Superboy defeat the man he was cloned from by Harvest?
Scott Lobdell, Angel Unzueta, Art Thibert; Cover by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira

And in digital backissues (ComiXology etc):

Impulse #81
“Dan Coyote:The Man of La Jolla”
In this stand-alone issue from the “Full Coverage” event, Impulse meets the delusional Dan Coyote, an ordinary man convinced that he is the superhero Captain Saturn, and that Impulse is his sidekick Snacky.
Todd Dezago, Carlo Barberi, Juan Vlasco

Impulse #81

Lost In the Time Stream! Review of Teen Titans #24

Teen Titans 24 coverThis is a really interesting issue for a lot of reasons.  For Bart fans…there is a revelation that will have us talking for a long time.  For fans of the Titans in general, we see events that will have ramifications for many issues to come.  Add to that a most amazing look at the nature of the time stream and you have a great issue of Teen Titans.


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Reverse-Flash’s Final Stand! Review of The Flash #24

Flash #24The New 52 version of the Reverse-Flash has proven to be as powerful a villain as Barry Allen has ever faced.  Daniel West has gained enough Speed Force energy to finally go back in time to “set things right”…by killing his father!  Can Barry stop him, or will Daniel add one more murder to his list of Speed Force-related victims?  That’s where we pick back up in The Flash #24!


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This Week: Reverse Flash Conclusion, Teen Titans Lost in Time

Flash comics out this week:

The Flash #24 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

Barry’s battle against the Reverse-Flash ends with major revelations and The Flash facing an impossible challenge! Preview at Newsarama.


Teen Titans #24 by Scott Lobdell and Angel Unzueta

As Forever Evil spreads across the world, where have the Teen Titans gone? Find out when they are and why the Titans definitely aren’t together!

There don’t appear to be any new digital Flash or Impulse back-issues this week.