DC Collectibles Reveals New 52 Kid Flash Action Figure

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Earlier this morning, DC Collectibles revealed what they had been teasing for the last week or so on their Facebook page; a trio of Teen Titans based on the New 52 designs. Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash along with many other heroes were reimagined for the New 52 2 years ago and we are just now getting figures of these designs courtesy of DC Collectibles who has seemingly kicked it into high gear when it comes to releases:



From the pages of Teen Titans, comes Superboy alongside Kid Flash and Wonder Girl. Based on designs by artist Brett Booth, these three are ready to battle whatever comes next!
KID FLASH – 6.5″
* Action Figures * $24.95 US • On Sale May 2014 * Allocations May Occur

This preview comes hot on the heels of the announcements of action figures featuring Earth 2‘s Jay Garrick and a Barry Allen based on the latest animated film, Justice League: War followed by Forever Evil‘s, Johnny Quick. With the recent release of Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang  right around the corner (maybe if Weather Wizard, Trickster, and Heat Wave were “Captains” they’d have more figures…) this is looking to be quite the next few months for the Scarlet Speedster and his corner of the New 52. Not to mention the recently released (and hopefully in the mail) New 52 Heroes vs. Villains 7-Pack featuring a redeco’d metallic Flashand a Captain Cold (again with the “Captains”) with a darker color scheme and lacking the accessories. As a general Flash collector, I am quite the happy camper.

DCComics_KidFlash_AF_52812c89f0b9e9.64163865As far as the figure goes, I have to say first off that this is definitely not my favorite when it comes to Kid Flash costume designs. Although many hated the fact that Bart became Kid Flash (although Young Justice had, in my opinion, great reasoning for this) and the costume that followed (mainly the tech-inspired boots, which I loved) the figure released based on him was excellent. This coupled with his Impulse figure from 2000(!) gives us the best and most definitive representations of Bart Allen that we’ve had thus far:


A few years after these releases we would get another version of Bart based on his appearance on the WB/CW superhero soap opera,Smallville as portrayed by Kyle Gallner. The figure has a fleeting likeness compared to the actor and is much taller than he should be compared to the other members of the “League”, but it is still nice to have a representation of the character. I think I actually remember saying to myself as I watched this episode that I hope they make action figures of these guys. Thankfully, DC Direct did not disappoint in that respect:



Now before the travesty that has been the New 52 Teen Titans, the Teen Titans had several different incarnations over the years. The two more popular being the Marv Wolfman/George Perez, New Teen Titans, in the eighties and the Geoff Johns/Mike McKone, Teen Titans, of the early 2000s. Both have had figures released based on them but only one set matches up perfectly to the line-up recently revealed as coming soon:


While I really dig the looks for Bart and Cassie from the Johns/McKone Titans, I will say that I have never been a fan of Superboy’s t-shirt and jeans combo that has become his most popular look. At the same time I’m not sure that Tron was the way to go when restoring his costume; that look for Kon already looks dated and it’s barely been a couple of years. I had no problem with the suit he sported in the infamous, Graduation Day(which was, in my opinion, the beginning of the end of fun in DC Comics) but every suit since has just severely lacked in the imagination/style department. Then again it is all subjective.

I just wish that DC Direct/DC Collectibles had been this quick on the draw back in the last days of the old DCU. I’m still lamenting the loss of the Justice League Heroes and Foes set and we could have definitely used some updated figures for characters like Wally West and The Ray before the collapse of the old DCU.

As far as the new figures go? I’m not a huge fan of these designs but I don’t hate them. Wonder Girl reminds me of a combination of Fury and Donna Troy now that I really look at it and while I definitely prefer the look of the original figure based on Cassandra Sandsmark I could definitely get down with the sculpt of the new figure.  Unlike the Earth 2 version of Jay Garrick, this new version of Bart Allen has yet to grow on me. Maybe once I get all three Flashes together I will feel better about it.

Since I could really use updated versions of all three figures I think I will be picking all of these up, although I have to wonder when we will be seeing the release of Red Robin, arguably the most popular character (and design) of the New 52 Teen Titans.

So what do you all think of the New Titans figures? Anyone else plan on picking up all three? Please let us know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Reveals New 52 Kid Flash Action Figure

  1. Kyer

    What do I think? I think I’m failing miserably at my grandmother’s advice to “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” 😀
    If there’s any DC52 speedster costume that can rival my dislike for Jay Garrick’s it is Bart Allen’s. Possibly Johnny Quick’s would beat them all, but then I really haven’t cared to take a good look at anything to do with Forever Evil. Okay, maybe that Justice League 3000 one is the worst. It’s hard to choose a worst.
    Yep, I do believe Barry Allen got off the only good speedster outfit since September 2011. The rest all fall into the category of “Your mother lets you go out dressed like *that*?”

    Btw, I do have the DC Impulse one, but have yet to work up the nerve to unbox it. Thank you for letting me see what my old purchase looks like in all it’s glory. 🙂

    1. MisterNefarious

      I actually really like Bart’s N52 costume… I just hate him as a character (admittedly based on ONE issue of the Flash, but still…)

      And I agree, The Flash 3000 is awful. And Jay’s costume is a stones throw away from being good, but isn’t (but we’ve discussed that before)

  2. Nick!

    I really like the new Jay Garrick costume. However, the way it is drawn in “Earth 2” (at least when I was still reading it) was horribly inconsistent. It drove me bonkers. lol

  3. Kyer

    At least they are consistent in their costume depiction inconsistencies. I remember groaning at all the different ways they could screw up the Flash belt and ear thingees.

    Bart’s new costume I could live with if a) the mask wasn’t so toweringly high (Frankenstein’s monster), the eyes weren’t red (!evil!), and the lightning accents were slimmed down a few numbers.(Way too busy.)

    Barry’s has all the lines, but those are okay when not emphasized such as they are in that Mattel toy. I always liked the angled belt over the straight and…well, it’s very recognizable from before. I see that costume and I see ‘Flash’. I see the others and I don’t see Kid Flash or Jay Flash.


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