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JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time Review

1390331235936b I had the opportunity to watch the JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time animated film the other night. It’s a straight-to-video release directed by Giancarlo Volpe (best known in DC fandom for Green Lantern: the Animated Series), and is aimed at a younger audience than such films as The Flashpoint Paradox. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering the extreme violence in some of DC’s major animated releases.

Overall, I rather enjoyed Trapped in Time, which was surprisingly fun. There were some plot points glossed over and a bit of kid-oriented humour which didn’t appeal to me, but I’m not the primary audience. And frankly it’s a good thing to produce series (whether animated programs or comic books) that are more suited to children — in the era of a shrinking industry, comics could use some new fans.

Slight spoilers after the cut.

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This Week: Digital Flashback: The Garricks’ Honeymoon in Vegas

It’s a week without any new Flash comics, but DC is adding another classic to their back catalog.  This one’s Flash #161 (2000). With Wally and Linda off on their honeymoon, Jay Garrick tells the story of the hijinks on his and Joan’s honeymoon in what was then a little-known out of the way town called Las Vegas…and what happened when his JSA pals tagged along to throw a reception, and the Fiddler, Thinker and Shade show up to rob the casino.  There’s also a side plot revealing the fate of the Three Dimwits — a Stooges-style trio of buffoons from the Golden Age supporting cast who had largely been ignored by later flashback tales.

It’s a fun story by Pat McGreal, Paul Pelletier and Doug Hazlewood, with a cover by Steve Lightle.

Flash #161

Flash TV show update: Jesse L. Martin cast as Detective West

Jesse L MartinAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, the Flash TV pilot has cast Jesse L. Martin as Detective West. The role is described as a blue-collar cop, father to Iris West and a father figure to Barry Allen after his mother’s murder and his father’s arrest for the crime. Martin is probably best known as Detective Ed Green on Law and Order. (Link and image via Flash TV News.)

Flash #30 Solicitation (UPDATED)

Flash #30

DC Comics’ Full April details are up!

Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
1:25 MAD Variant cover
On sale APRIL 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

An all-new creative team makes its debut to show the deadly consequences of The Flash’s speed powers. During the traumatic events of FOREVER EVIL, Central City suffered the worst that the Crime Syndicate could dish out. Now The Flash has returned to make things right, but there are limits to what even the Fastest Man Alive can do!

This is also the month that the outgoing Flash creative team Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato takes over Detective Comics with issue #30.

Originally posted Jan. 14 using the description of Flash #30 on DC’s blog.

Media Blitz!: Booth on Wally, Johns on Cold (via Newsarama)

Newsarama has been busy with Flash-related news and interviews over the past few days, and you can find links and relevant snippets here (read the articles for the full details).  Some of this information should be considered spoilers, so proceed with caution.


First, they talked to Brett Booth about how Wally West will be handled in the New 52.

Nrama: Let’s talk about what you guys are facing now. We’ve had two and a half years of the New 52 with no Flash except Barry Allen. What’s the biggest challenge about introducing Wally West at this time, with Barry already established?

Booth: I think it will be getting people to accept this version. I know what some people are expecting, I know what I’d want. He will be different, for one thing, in the old DCU he was Iris’s sister’s kid. She has a brother now, so things won’t be exactly the same. The original Wally was from a different time, a very Norman Rockwell sort of place. That is no longer the case for anyone in the New 52. He will reflect that, I’m sure.

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Speed Reading

I know it’s been a while, but I’m going to try to run a Speed Reading post every so often (maybe monthly?) featuring links to Flash-related articles around the net. I have been keeping up posting these links on social media, so if I fall behind on the round-ups again, you can follow along on Twitter at @SpeedForceOrg, Facebook: Speed Force, or Google+: Speed Force.

TV and Movies

IGN’s DC/CW TV update: Flash, Hourman, iZombie, Wonder Woman, Gotham. Flash’s chances look good.

Flickering Myth has a run-down of the Flash’s long journey to the screen, including reviews of the scripts by David Goyer, Chris Brancato, and the most recent draft by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim.

@FlashCWFans is doing a digital comics giveaway.

Count Drunkula has been doing a fan cast for the Flash, the Rogues, and other Flash villains.

The TV Addict interviews Grant Gustin, the actor playing Barry Allen


That F’ing Monkey looks at the bizarre Speed Strike Flash action figure.


Collected Editions reviews Flash vol.2: Rogues Revolution.

The Fire and Water podcast reviews Fury of Firestorm #6, guest-starring the Pied Piper.

Added: Grumpy Old Fan contemplates the return of Wally West at Robot6.

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Some other active Flash sites to keep an eye on include The Flash Podcast, Flash TV News, The Fastest Forum Alive, The New 52 Flash, and Flash CW Fans.