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Barry Wins! Now WALLY WEST is up again in SUPERHERO MARCH MADNESS!

Barry Allen won a tough match against Superman in DC MARVEL SUPERHERO MARCH MADNESS at, with each character setting records for votes.  Now, it’s once again Wally West’s turn as he faces off with Black Canary in Round 3.  Voting is going on now and will continue until 11 PM Eastern Daylight Time USA on April 1st (and don’t worry, there are no April Fool’s jokes when it comes to Superhero March Madness).  Here’s the link to the vote…and while you’re at it check in on the other votes going on in the competition as well!


Flash vs Superman in Superhero March Madness

Barry Allen has made it through two rounds of DC Marvel Superhero March Madness over at and now the race is on with the Man of Steel!  Yep, one more race between Superman and the Fastest Man Alive!  There are several other races going on as well, so be sure to check them all out…below is the link to the Flash/Superman vote to get you started:

Thanks to everyone who has already jumped over to the site to vote – Barry needs you once again today!  Voting continues until 11 PM Eastern Daylight Time USA on March 31st.

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Wally West Needs Your Vote in ROUND TWO of Superhero March Madness!

Barry Allen won his match against Cyborg in Round 2 of Superhero March Madness, and now it is once again Wally West’s turn as he faces off against The Movement’s Virtue!  Here’s a quick link to the match up – but while you’re there be sure to check out the other match-ups for today (including Donna Troy versus Hawkeye!):

Oh, let’s go ahead and give that Donna Troy match-up versus Hawkeye too!

Thanks to all for your support in DC Marvel Superhero March Madness!

So Long, Farewell…Review of TEEN TITANS #29

teen titans 29 coverIt has finally come to this…the trial of Kid Flash, and now Solstice is complete and they are preparing for transport to the prison planet.  It’s a time of goodbyes, of thinking about what might have been and what might yet be…


We start issue #29 with Solstice’s story, and why she cares so much for Kid Flash.  There are some sad goodbyes here, as Tim Drake not only says goodbye to Bart and Kiran but to his vision of the Titans.  His words for Bart are a bit surprising, but what he does after saying goodbye to them is an even bigger surprise…won’t spoil it here, though.  In the end, the remaining Titans make their way back to their own time, and what they find leads us into the upcoming final battle with Harvest so hold on to your hats!

Scott Lobdell has written another excellent script for this series.  I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – your opinion of this story and this series will depend in no small part on whether you can take this New 52 Titans group at face value.  If you are looking for the pre-FLASHPOINT Bart, he isn’t here.  But, if you are looking for a well-crafted tale this is definitely worth the read.  The artwork is exceptional – Scott McDaniel handles the breakdowns, with Tyler Kirkham taking the artwork from there and Arif Prianto on colors.  There is a bittersweet quality to much of this issue, with some interesting twists as well.  There is just one more issue left in the series…that’s a sad note as well, but I am looking forward to the big battle with Harvest next issue.

Barry Allen Needs Your Votes vs Cyborg in Superhero March Madness!

Barry Allen is back up in Round 2 of DC MARVEL SUPERHERO MARCH MADNESS over at – and he needs your votes against Cyborg!  In Round 1, Flash fans showed up in force (Speedforce? You bet!), giving Barry the highest vote total of any character in the competition.  But, we have a clean slate entering Round 2, so your votes are once again needed!  Here’s the link to find the Barry v. Cyborg match:

And, while you’re there, be sure to check out the other races for today!  Just a note: tomorrow’s face-offs will include Wally West, who had the second highest vote total of Round 1.  Barry’s match will continue until 11 PM Eastern Daylight Time USA on March 28th.  Your support has definitely made an impact already – be sure to stop by again today!