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Flash goes twice-monthly after DC Universe: Rebirth

DC Universe: Rebirth is revealed. After the New 52 line reaches issue #52 in May, an 80-page special “DC Universe: Rebirth” sets the stage for a rolling update of the new DC line:

  • 32 ongoing series total, 17 of them twice-monthly, ALL of them $2.99.
  • Not every series will start the same month. They’ll roll out a few at a time starting in June and running through fall.
  • Everything is renumbering at #1…except for Action Comics and Detective Comics, which will pick up their original numbering.
  • 23 books will kick off with a “Rebirth” special before the new ongoing begins.

Flash: Rebirth and Flash #1 both hit in June. Both? Yep, Flash is one of the 17 comics that will ship twice a month.

As for the shape of the DC Universe going forward, Dan Didio says it’s “designed to bring back the best of DC’s past, embrace the stories we currently love and move the entire epic universe into the future. We are returning to the essence of the DCU.”

CBR has an interview with Geoff Johns in which he says it’s less like “Crisis” or “Flashpoint,” and more like “Green Lantern: Rebirth” and “Flash: Rebirth.”

“DC Universe: Rebirth” is about bringing back what makes the DC Universe the DC Universe. There are certain things, like legacy, that are missing. There are other things that I don’t want to totally spoil. But there are a lot of things in there that I think are unique to the DC Universe, and really need to be pushed back to the forefront.

DC continues to insist that they’re not going for a total reboot. It sounds more like they’re re-incorporating parts of the DCU that the New 52 abandoned. A merging of the pre-Flashpoint and New 52 universes, perhaps? (The new line does include Gotham Academy and Red Hood & the Outlaws.)

CBR has the full list of titles in the new lineup.

I’m really not sure what to think at this point. Knowing the titles is one thing. What I really want to know is the tones they’re going for, what elements are staying, going, or returning, who’s working on these books, etc. Also the page count: If they’re cutting pages again, going twice-monthly isn’t quite as appealing.

I do think that launching with a one-shot instead of dragging out the transformation over six months to a year is a good move. I frankly don’t have the patience to drag myself through six issues of rearranging furniture again. Conversely, I also think it’s a good idea to stagger the roll-out so that people aren’t overwhelmed by 52 choices in one month.

What do you think, based on what we know so far? Good move? Bad? Reply hazy, try again?

“King Shark” Trailer

The CW has released the extended trailer for next week’s episode of The Flash, titled “King Shark”.

The show’s really having a blast with the whole Jaws schtick, so hopefully the episode itself will be a lot of fun!

Excited for another mini-crossover between The Flash and Arrow? What do you hope to see in the episode? Let us know your thoughts!

“Escape from Earth-2” Review of Ep 2.14 of THE FLASH

When we left the last episode of THE FLASH, Barry had been captured by Zoom on Earth-2 while Geomancer was literally tearing up the landscape on Earth-1. Time is running out for Barry to get away and for the “away” team of Barry, Cisco and Harry to return to Earth-1…but the bigger question is whether they will survive long enough to worry about that. That brings us to “Escape from Earth-2”, Episode 2.14 of THE FLASH!


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Flash vs. The Riddler in May’s Flash #52

Flash #52 Cover

From DC’s May Solicitations:

New 52 Tribute Variant cover by JESUS MERINO
On sale MAY 25 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

The Riddler has seized control of Central City. If The Flash moves, he’ll put everyone he loves in mortal danger. To save the city—and himself—he’ll need help from the unlikeliest of allies.

A few things come to mind in relation to recent rumors and hints from DC. We know that Van Jensen is leaving the book (no response yet from Venditti), though it was suggested that he was leaving after #51. It looks like #52 is his actual final issue.

Speaking of final issues, contrary to rumors that “Rebirth” might be another line-wide renumbering, none of DC’s main books is marked as “final issue” in the solicitations. That’s not proof of anything, of course, given that we know at least Starfire is ending (Conner and Palmiotti have said that they’ve wrapped up a 12-issue plan and the book is ending with it), and a lot of the summaries sound like they could be either finales or epilogues.

Then again, there are several miniseries that aren’t quite done, and Teen Titans #20 promises that a “game-changing epic begins.”

We still don’t know exactly what “Rebirth” — excuse me, #Rebirth — is, so even if it does turn out to be another reboot, relaunch or renumbering, it looks like it won’t be quite so hard a line as Flashpoint/New 52 or even Convergence/DC You.

“Zoom’s Coming” Teaser, And More

The CW has released a multi-episode teaser (that is to say, it has scenes from several episodes) titled “Zoom’s Coming”. I think we’re supposed to get revelations about his identity within the next few weeks.

We also get our first look at new antagonist Trajectory (Allison Paige) in this trailer; she’s the woman in red.

More behind the jump.

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