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WonderCon 2016 Photos are Up

I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons at WonderCon in Los Angeles, and took my usual photos of sights and cosplay. The LA convention center does feel different than Anaheim, but the con still felt like a WonderCon, not like ComiKaze or Wizard World. The size and variety of the exhibit hall, and the sheer amount of programming, went a long way. (I also went a long way…from one end to the other of the convention center. Repeatedly. Think of it as a dumbbell, with the exhibit hall on one side, and programming on the other and along the bar.)

Head over to Flickr for the full photo gallery, or check out my write-up at K² Ramblings!

WonderCon 2016 Collage

“Versus Zoom” Promo

Here’s the extended trailer for the next episode of The Flash, which unfortunately won’t be airing until April 19th. It’s titled “Versus Zoom”, which gives a pretty good idea of what’s in the episode.

What do you think of Zoom’s identity? Looking forward to the episode? Kind of a bummer about yet another hiatus, though I’m sure the final six episodes will air without a break and be quite a ride.

It’s that “Time” – Review of THE FLASH Ep 2.17

How could they top last night’s Supergirl/Flash crossover? That would be a tough one…but this was one of the most outstanding episodes of Season Two…or is that Season One? Or Season One/Two? Hang in there, we’ll explain after the jump…


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supergirl flashThe big question…and I mean the BIG question…is “Did this episode live up to the hype?” YES! Absolutely it did! There was plenty in this episode to make any Supergirl or Flash fan happy. This was a crossover where both lead characters had the chance to shine without taking anything away from either. And, if youwant to know more (including whether there was a race…there has to be a race, right?), just follow us after the jump!


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Vote: Flash in Round 4 at both CSBG & TMStash’s March Madness!

The current Flash TV show has advanced to round four in both TMStash and CSBG’s March Madness fan polls!

At CSBG, Flash (Grant Gustin) is up against Luke Cage (Mike Colter) in Daily Planet Final Round. (Here’s a list of all four regions)

At TMStash, Flash (the series) is up against Arrow in round 4.

Head over to both sites and vote for your favorites!

Flash Announcements From DC Rebirth

b044_-_flash_1_fls_cv1_r2 Today DC unveiled many of the details about their upcoming relaunch, DC Rebirth. This includes a new creative team on The Flash book, as well as a few hints about what we’ll be seeing in it. The new title will be written by Joshua Williamson with art by Carmine Di Giandomencio and Neil Googe, and will ship twice monthly starting in June.

More news and details behind the jump.

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