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The Future Looks Bleak – Review of Teen TItans Annual #2

teen titans annual 2 coverThanks to Johnny Quick of Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate, the Teen Titans have been lost in time.  The good news is that they are (mostly) together again…the bad news is where, or rather, when they are just now.  Bart fans will need to wait for the regular issue #25 to see more of Kid Flash, but there is a LOT here that impacts the team for some time to come…meaning TT fans need to check this out!


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Speed Reading: Rebirth Tuesday

The Flash talk comes fast and furious around the net as we head toward Wednesday’s release of Flash: Rebirth!

Geoff Johns says hello from his new website. New Yorkers, don’t forget his signing at Jim Hanley’s Universe on Wednesday. He also mentions an interview with IGN, which doesn’t seem to be up yet, so keep your eyes open!

Newsarama talks Replacement Heroes: The Flash.

Ethan Van Sciver answers Flash: Rebirth questions at Speedster Site.

iFanboy has a list of 6 Questions That Flash: Rebirth Needs to Answer.

The Weekly Crisis contemplates this week’s books, including Flash: Rebirth and concerns that it might throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Broken Frontier, on the other hand, sees comic book gold in bringing a Flash back from the dead.

Thisisgone muses about the science of the Flash.

The Hero Initiative has announced their signing schedule for this weekend’s Emerald City Comicon, which includes:

  • Barry Kitson (Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold) Saturday 10:30-12:00
  • Mark Waid (Flash, Impulse) Sunday 10:30-11:30

Way of the Geek trusts the GJ/EVS team, but wonders if DC can catch lightning in a bottle a second time.

Revenge of the Inner Geek anticipates tomorrow’s release and reminds everyone to vote in the Comics Should Be Good Superman vs. Flash Poll! At this time, the Flash is ahead 518 votes to 444! Voting is open until 6PM Eastern Daylight time, so if you haven’t voted for the Scarlet Speedster, head over there now!