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Thoughts on the New DCU – Part 6: The Edge

Our series reacting to DC’s September relaunch is almost complete. So far we’ve covered the Justice League, Green Lantern, Batman, Dark and Teen books. This time around we’re looking at the “edge” series.

Stormwatch · Blackhawks · Sgt. Rock and the Men of War · All-Star Western · Deathstroke · Grifter · OMAC · Suicide Squad · Blue Beetle

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Review: Brave and the Bold #28 (Blackhawk and the Flash)

Brave and the Bold #28

Brave and the Bold #28, “Firing Line,” by J. Michael Straczynski and Jesus Saiz occupies an unusual niche for the Flash. While Barry Allen has been back for a year and a half, this marks his first real solo adventure in an ordinary comic book format since his return. Flash: Rebirth is very much a transition, more setup than story, and while Barry certainly has the spotlight in that book, he shares the stage with a host of other speedsters. Wednesday Comics came close, but was very much caught up in exploring the alternate format.

Calling a team-up story a solo adventure might be pushing it, but this does read much more as a Flash story than a Blackhawk story. It’s told from the Flash’s point of view, the key dilemma is a decision the Flash has to make, most of the Blackhawks are indistinguishable from each other, and a group known for air combat spends the entire issue grounded.


At its heart, the story uses the clash between two classic comic book genres to ask the question: “When is it acceptable to kill?” The Flash — perhaps the example of the Silver Age superhero: slightly goofy, with crazy science adventures and a code against killing — is dropped into the middle of a war, unable to leave until an injury heals. And not just any war: World War II.

On that level, it works. The Flash’s idealism and the Blackhawks’ determination contrast well, until he finds a way to align them. Jesus Saiz’ artwork feels a bit stiff and static during the Silver Age-style framing sequence, but is well-suited to the war story that takes up the bulk of the issue. The coloring also highlights the contrast between the Flash’s bright red costume, the Blackhawks’ dark blue, and everything else in muted grays and browns.

It also manages to avoid the stilted dialog that occasionally crops up in JMS’ writing. Every once in a while I’ll be reading something and a line will leap out as either very awkward, or a quote from Babylon 5. That didn’t happen even once here.

So what doesn’t work?

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Flash Meets the Blackhawks in Brave & the Bold #28

Newsarama has a preview of DC’s October solicitations, including Brave and the Bold #28. Justice Society of America, Titans, and the DCU Halloween Special 2009 also appear on the preview.

The Brave and the Bold #28

Brave and the Bold #28Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art and cover by Jesus Saiz

J. Michael Straczynski (Amazing Spider-Man) and Jesus Saiz (OMAC PROJECT) continue their series of unlikely pairings with a match that spans the decades! When an experiment meant to alter the speed of light goes awry, Barry Allen finds himself face-to-face with some surprising allies – World War II’s legendary Blackhawks! But Barry isn’t the Flash they know, and he’s not even the kind of hero they need to help fight history’s most grueling war! What must Barry sacrifice to serve his country – and his world?

On sale October 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Notes: I’m certainly intrigued to see JMS writing the Flash. I actually think he’d be a good fit for the character, either on a second Flash book or to follow Geoff Johns when he eventually leaves the main Flash book.

Also: this guarantees that we’ll have at least one Flash book in October, the month between the end of Flash: Rebirth (unless, as is likely, issues #5 and #6 are delayed in addition to #4) and the beginning of the three-issue Blackest Night: The Flash miniseries in November.

I suspect that the new Flash ongoing won’t launch in October, though even if it does, they will probably hold the solicitation for a few days so that they can announce it at Comic-Con.

Full solicitations go up on Monday at 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time.