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Decompressing the Flash Schedule

With less than a week to The Flash #6, and four issues in a row scheduled only two weeks apart, DC has stretched the schedule a bit. Here’s where we’re at now:

Flash #6 on November 17 (two months after #5).
Flash #7 on December 8 (three weeks after #6).
Flash #8 on December 29 (three weeks after #7).
Flash #9 on January 26 (one month after #8).
Flash #10 on February 23 (one month after #9).

Could a normal monthly schedule be in the Flash’s future?

Flash #6 Arrives Next Week (and Quick Thoughts on Flash #5)

The Flash #6 is on Diamond’s shipping list for next week, so we’ll finally get to read the end of the first story arc of the series!

So far, there haven’t been any more changes in the schedule of issues #7-10.

On a related note, at this point I don’t think I’ll have time to write a full review of The Flash #5, so I’ll just say that I liked it, and appreciated the fact that everything I disliked about the previous issue turned out to be a lie. Follow-through on one plot point was a bit underwhelming, though.

Triple Flash in December

DC has shuffled the schedule for The Flash again, pushing the two Scott Kolins/Rogue Profile issues back a bit more. Flash #7 is now due December 1, and Flash #8 is scheduled for December 15. Flash #9, the first issue of the next arc and the return of regular artist Francis Manapul, is still on the line for December 29, meaning that if this schedule holds, we’ll see three issues of The Flash in December. (Well, you will…I probably won’t have time to make it to the comic store all month!)

The Flash #6, concluding “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues,” has been pushed one more week to November 17.

(Thanks to Eric Ridgeway for the scoop!)

Flash #6 Pushed to November 10

DC’s website now shows a November 10 release date for Flash #6, and November 24 for Flash #7. No change so far on Flash #8 or #9, which are scheduled for the beginning and end of December.

Flash #6 concludes the opening story arc, “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues.” Flash #7 and #8 are Rogue Profile issues, spotlighting Captain Boomerang and Professor Zoom, drawn by guest artist Scott Kolins.

(Hat tip to Wayne Lippa for spotting the change.)

Flash #6 on November 3

According to DC’s website, The Flash #6 has slipped from October 27 to November 3. That’s one more week to wait for the conclusion of “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues.”

The two Scott Kolins-drawn issues focusing on Captain Boomerang and Professor Zoom remain unchanged from their previous schedule, as does the first issue of the next story arc, “Hot Pursuit,” on which Francis Manapul returns to the book. If everything holds, Flash may miss October, but will ship double issues in both November and December.

On a related note, I do still plan to review The Flash #5. It’s just been a really busy two weeks.

Doin’ the Speedster Shuffle (Schedule Changes)

DC’s website has some more scheduling changes for upcoming Flash issues:

Meanwhile, over at Top Cow, Velocity #2 is still in its most recent spot on September 15.

Update September 2:

  • The Flash #7 is now November 17.
  • The Flash #8 is now December 8.
  • Velocity #2 is now September 22. That means Velocity and The Flash are synced up again.