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Golden Age Artist Sheldon Moldoff Passes

Classic comic book artist Sheldon Moldoff passed away last Wednesday at 91. He was the last surviving artist to have worked on Action Comics #1, and drew the covers of Flash Comics #1 and All-American Comics #16, the first cover appearances of the Flash and Green Lantern. Moldoff drew the Golden-Age Hawkman for several years, and was Bob Kane’s main ghost artist on many of the Batman features credited to Kane.

Mark Evanier writes about Moldoff’s life and career.

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Sexy Flash CostumeFlash Paper FigureUpdate: The Nerdy Bird has located a sexy Flash costume (and a scary Batman one). Update 2: The first woman in the SDCC Flash Sighting post appears to be wearing this costume.

Update: Custom Paper Toys’ paper JLA figures will be available at Arby’s (via Robot 6)