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Alternate Deaths of the Reverse Flash

I’ve been slowly scanning my pre-digital photos, and stumbled across these pictures I’d taken of my DC Direct (and a few other) action figures around 2000 or so.

Display Case Figures 1

Display Case Figures 2

I had fun coming up with a situation that could combine the New Teen Titans, Flash, and Sandman figures.

In retrospect, I really wish I’d used a camera that had a little depth of field. I think it may have been fixed-focus as well.

Flash Flickr Finds: MegaCon

Sadly, I didn’t spot any Flash costumes at WonderCon last weekend (though you can see my photos of other stuff at the con)… and I didn’t find any online either. I did, however, manage to find some Flashy photos from MegaCon on Flickr.

Photos by samaritanx, rossnordean, and apocalyptic.

I found several pictures of the Flash and Starfire in the second picture, making me wonder whether they knew each other or just happened to cross paths frequently. There’s one photo of them with Dan Didio and George Perez, suggesting they’re the ones who went up onstage at the DC Universe panel.