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“Quality (Comics) Run Through the Golden Age” Review of THE FLASH 770

Wally West has been hurting through time, inhabiting the bodies of speedsters of different eras. The Speed Force seems to have chosen him to heal itself, preventing catastrophes throughout the timeline. Now, after leaving Bart Allen’s life in the future, Wally is thrown into the body and life of none other than the first Flash, Jay Garrick! What is he there to do? And, can he figure it out in time to prevent a hemispheric-shattering event? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Young Justice Flashback: “They Canceled My Comic”

Impulse ran for 90 issues (including Impulse #1,000,000) until it was canceled in 2002. A month later, Young Justice #49 opened with this scene in which Bart laments to Superboy that his comic was canceled.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t make a post that was mostly scans and not much commentary, but this scene is short, and (for the most part) stands on its own. Two pages after the cut.

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