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“The Death of Vibe” Review of S5 Ep3 of THE FLASH

We’ve now been introduced to our big bad of the season, Cicada…but there are more surprises ahead. If the title of this episode doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what to say…except that there are even more twists ahead in what promises to be a very good season of THE FLASH! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!



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Mini-Gallery: Flash Cosplay at WonderCon 2018

I didn’t catch nearly as many Flash-themed cosplayers at this year’s WonderCon as I did at last year’s, but I get the impression from looking online that there were a lot more, and I just missed them! Here are the people I did find wearing Flash and related costumes. I actually saw at least three Killer Frosts, though I only caught two on camera. You can see my full WonderCon gallery on Flickr.

Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) Kara Danvers and the Flash (Barry Allen) Killer Frost Killer Frost and Vibe

Quick Flash TV Update: Two Supporting Cast Members to Appear on Arrow

The CW originally planned to make Arrow episode 2.20 into a back-door pilot for The Flash, bringing back Barry Allen from his two-episode guest spot and showing him after he gains super-speed. The network liked the character so much that they ordered the stand-alone pilot that’s currently in production.

But they’re still establishing background for the Flash spin-off, as two members of the supporting cast are confirmed for Arrow episode 2.19: Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes will appear as Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, scientists based on Killer Frost and Vibe from the comic books. (via FlashFans.org)

Update: THR has more information. Guggenheim explains that bringing in the S.T.A.R. Labs scientists keeps the Flash elements present in Arrow in a much more interesting way than showing Grant Gustin lying in a hospital bed with his eyes closed.

More FLASH TV Casting: VIBE (Updated) – Also: Piper Confirmed

Carlos ValdesYes, you read that correctly. Hot on the heels of the news that Candice Patton will play Iris West in the upcoming Flash TV pilot, Deadline announces that Carlos Valdes will play Cisco Ramon, “a mechanical engineering genius and the youngest member of the team of scientists at STAR Labs” (maybe working with Caitlin Snow?) — or, as New 52 comic book readers know him, Vibe. TVLine notes that he is currently performing in the Broadway play, Once.

This brings the known cast up to six: Valdes and Patton join Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Jesse L. Martin as Detective West, Rick Cosnet as Detective Eddie Thawne (probably the Reverse Flash in disguise), and Danielle Panabaker as scientist Caitlin Snow (probably the future Killer Frost).

Update: THR has more info on the character:

Valdes will play the series regular role of Cisco Ramon, a mechanical engineering genius and the youngest member of the team of scientists at STAR Labs. Born into a lower-income family, Cisco’s brains and talent helped him reach his potential. He is loyal and eager and provides the comic relief in contrast to his stiff co-workers. Best part: He is as much of a comic book fanboy as Barry.

THR also confirms that Hartley Rathaway, aka the Pied Piper, will appear as a regular character on the show. He and Harrison Wells (not a character from the comics as far as I can recall, but STAR Labs’ CEO) are the last two “regular roles” remaining to be cast.

DC Collectibles’ New 52 Superheroes Vs. Super-Villains 7-Pack Revealed!

Hey Speed Readers,


DC Collectibles released their solicits for November 2013 and there is only one real item of interest for New 52 Flash fans:




The battle between good and evil rages on with this special 7-pack action figure set that includes Aquaman, The Flash, Batman, Catwoman, The Joker, Captain Cold, and Black Manta!


All-New Aquaman Head Sculpt and Sceptre

The Flash Metallic Redeco

Batman Metallic Redeco

All-New Catwoman Action Figure

The Joker and Captain Cold Redeco

*Action Figures* $99.95 US • On Sale November 2013

*Allocations May Occur


Nothing too exciting if you plan on just purchasing the Captain Cold figure separately in September, but since I’ve been trying to build and expand my own DC Universe in action figure form, Catwoman, The Joker, and Black Manta will come in quite handy. I have to decide which Batman and Aquaman I prefer to have in my display but I have a feeling they will both be joining that new Flash figure in my Justice League team. Batman looks especially boss with that darker color scheme.

The Flash collector in me will be thrilled to have a Flash with the lightning seams painted in and that excellent metallic sheen reminiscent of the Kotobukiya Flash statue. I’m not sure what exactly is different about the Captain Cold redeco (maybe that icey arm?) but I won’t mind having two; one to put with my Secret Society of Super Villains display and one to put with my Rogues display.

These figures usually retail for about $24.99 a piece so even at the regular price of $99.95 this set is a steal. Of course I’m going to keep an eye out for a deal similar to what I found on the We Can Be Heroes 7 pack set but they only come out to about 14 bucks at regular price which isn’t bad.


While I’m not too upset about the exclusive figures being packed in with figures I already have I can understand the frustrations of others. Catwoman, Katana, and Vibe are figures that can only acquired by purchasing figures that many of us have already procured. They feature some new additions like head sculpts and paint jobs but they are still the exact same character. I understand the logic that it could possibly help to move little known characters like Vibe and Katana by packing them in with more popular heroes and playing on their in-story connections (Vibe’s abilities can disrupt the Speed Force and Katana has been chosen to join the JLofA to counteract Wonder Woman)  but the target audience is pretty much going to be buying the very first (and probably only figures) of Vibe and Katana anyway. It seems more like them trying to artificially inflate the price by giving us something we already have. Yeah, Flash features a new head sculpt (or more accurately his original head sculpt) but is it enough to justify the $39.95 price point?


I’ve praised DC Collectibles in the past for their 7 pack releases and I will continue to do so with this one. Yeah there are 3 figures that most of us probably don’t need, but for the patient this is a chance to get 4 figures in one fell swoop and for a fraction of the cost. As long as you aren’t a super completist and need things like weapons and accessories you should be good.

So what do you all think of DC Collectibles’ latest offering? Who plans on picking up this 7 pack in addition to the single of Captain Cold? Let us know in the comments below.


Vibe Meets Kid Flash – Do I Have To Say More? (Review of Vibe #3)

vibe 3 coverThis issue of Justice League of America’s Vibe (wow, what a long name!) marks the start of Sterling Gates’ run as writer for the title.  If this issue is any indication, Vibe is in very good hands…and I can only wish to see Sterling Gates write more stories that include Kid Flash as well.  Gates truly gets his characters – the transition for Cisco is smooth as glass from Johns to Gates, and this issue has just about the best characterization of Bart Allen that we’ve seen in the New52.  Vibe is well worth the read, and this series is quickly becoming one of the very best the New52 has to offer.