July 25, 2009

DC Universe at Comic-Con: Big Flash News UPDATED

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AARGH! Liveblogging failed. Lots on Twitter. BIG news: Geoff Johns on Flash ongoing after Blackest Night: Flash, Sterling Gates on Kid Flash ongoing.

Update: Now that the day’s tweets have been imported, here’s my full running commentary on the panel.

  • Inkpot award to Bob Wayne #
  • SDCC is like “longest Thanksgiving dinner ever” – con staffer #
  • Flash:Rebirth – bunch of Flashes behind him on final cover #
  • Some costume changes & a new speedster by end of Flash:Rebirth #
  • Sounded like Flash ongoing starts after Blackest Night:Flash. They’re all Geoff Johns-written. #
  • Troia, Batman, Hal &…Monel w/ S symbol In JLA. #
  • Good Dr. Light vs Black Lantern evil Dr. Light #
  • Guessing Batgirl’s ID: Stephanie Brown? DD: “No spoilers here.” #
  • DCU panel info is coming fast & furious – hard to keep up #
  • Titans’ new leader…let’s just say it’s not Wally as rumored on ComicBloc. #
  • GS: WW to renounce Amazons & become more of a super-hero than ever #
  • Sterling Gates on Kid Flash series! #
  • Rainbow Raider will be a Black Lantern. GJ: “I guess he’ll be the Black & White Raider.” #
  • C’mon, random fanboy…wait till you see the new writer’s work before begging Geoff to come back to Teen Titans. #
  • Question cosplayer at mike: “I have a question…” #
  • DD on renumbering books that have been relaunched: content more important than number on cover, low numbers may bring in more new readers. #
  • Geoff Johns: artist lined up for Flash ongoing, can’t talk about it yet. [Edit: GJ adds that he can only say the artist is “awesome.”]#
  • Fan requests a Snapper Carr & Jimmy Olsen team-up in Brave & the Bold. #