September 4, 2009

Classic Flash: Cool Moments, Lame Bits, and…Octopus Fighting?

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Some more linkblogging…

Flash Comics #44 (1943)CSBG’s Cool Comic Book Moments #245 features the death of Barry Allen from Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Crimson Lightning finishes up the Super-Powers retrospective with the original mini-comic that came with the action figure.

Silver Age Comics brings up 3 extremely lame bits about Kid Flash. Coincidence, costume change, and…do you dare read on to learn the third?

Indie Squid Kid presents the golden age of octopus fighting. No, really!

Flash #0 (1994)Update: Newsarama’s Friday Flashback looks back at the classic Flash #0 by Mark Waid & Mike Wieringo. This classic post-Zero Hour book told a stand-alone story of Wally West bouncing around in time and, at one point, meeting his younger self, reassuring him that everything would work out. It also set things in motion for the epic Terminal Velocity, which started the following month.

One response to “Classic Flash: Cool Moments, Lame Bits, and…Octopus Fighting?”

  1. Margaret says:

    I don’t know that I’d call Barry’s death “Cool.”
    .-= Margaret’s latest blog post: Spider-Man Teams Up with Gambit & Howard the Duck: Uh, Why? (Part 2) =-.

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