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Kelson is a web developer living in Southern California with his wife and son. He has been reading comics since the age of eight, starting at DC and gradually moving out toward indies. He first started reading The Flash with the launch of Wally West’s series in 1987, and has since tracked down all of Barry Allen’s run and a significant part of Jay Garrick’s. Kelson launched Speed Force in June 2008 as a companion to his Flash fan reference site, Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning.


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Articles by Kelson

Dec 19, 2014: Flash #37 Preview: Trapped in the Speed Force / Iris Investigates
Dec 17, 2014: This Week in Flash Comics: End of Bliss
Dec 15, 2014: Flash #40 and Flash Season Zero #6 coming in March (covers & summaries)
Dec 12, 2014: Flash #40 North by Northwest Variant Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
Dec 12, 2014: Spam Attack
Dec 10, 2014: Digital Silver Age continues with Flash #111-112: Cloud Creatures & Elongated Man
Dec 8, 2014: Mark Hamill Returns as the Trickster!
Dec 2, 2014: Flash Comics This Week: Season Zero #3, Digital Silver Age
Dec 2, 2014: Pre-Crisis JSA in Convergence Week Four, plus Earth-3 and…Scribbly?!?
Nov 26, 2014: Poll Results: Who is Harrison Wells? (Updated)
Nov 25, 2014: This Week’s Previews: Flash #36, Secret Origins #7, and Blackout on TV
Nov 25, 2014: Bronze Age Barry Allen in Convergence: The Flash
Nov 21, 2014: Media Blitz: Venditti, Jensen & Booth on Wally West & Future Flash
Nov 17, 2014: Flash Comics for February 2015: Flash #39 & Season Zero #5 Covers and Descriptions
Nov 14, 2014: Harley Quinn is ready to race on The Flash #39 Variant Cover
Nov 14, 2014: Firestorm Jason Rusch to appear on The Flash
Nov 11, 2014: Classic Wally West & Family Return in Convergence: Speed Force
Nov 11, 2014: This Week: Plastique; Superman & Flash Race out of the 1970s
Nov 4, 2014: Los Angeles Ticket Giveaway: LACMA Hosts Greg Berlanti in Flash/Arrow Event
Nov 3, 2014: Quick Hits: Future Flash, Plastique & More
Nov 3, 2014: This Week: Flash Seazon Zero Comics in Print & Digital, Rerun on TV
Oct 27, 2014: Quick hits: Linda Park added to Flash TV cast
Oct 26, 2014: The Top 100 Comics Blogs
Oct 21, 2014: Quick Hits: Flash TV Show Gets a Full Season Order!
Oct 21, 2014: This Week: Flash #35, Season Zero chapter 4, and “Things You Can’t Outrun” on TV
Oct 20, 2014: Flash Comics in January 2015: Flash #38 and Flash: Season Zero #4
Oct 17, 2014: Flash #35 Preview is Up!
Oct 17, 2014: DC Variant Covers Go All-Flash in January!
Oct 15, 2014: FLASH MOVIE Coming in 2018 with Ezra Miller
Oct 12, 2014: Flash TV Preview for Episode 2: “The Fastest Man Alive”
Oct 12, 2014: Unofficial Set Photos Reveal Another Flash Villain
Oct 11, 2014: You loved the Flash TV Show. Wanna read some comics?
Oct 8, 2014: Flash TV Fans: 5 Differences to Know if You Want to Pick Up the Comics
Oct 7, 2014: The Flash Drink Recipe
Oct 7, 2014: Digital Flash Sale on ComiXology: 99-cent issues & completing the set
Oct 6, 2014: Flash Sightings: Billboard in LA
Oct 5, 2014: Flash Sightings: Collectibles and NY Billboards
Oct 4, 2014: Flash Photography: Long Beach Comic Con 2014
Oct 3, 2014: Flash Season Zero (digital) Chapter 3 Preview is up
Oct 1, 2014: Out This Week: The Flash Season Zero #1 (Print Edition)
Sep 29, 2014: Touring the Flash’s S.T.A.R. Labs Mobile Unit at Long Beach Comic Con
Sep 23, 2014: This Week: Flash Futures End, plus the Silver Age Flash Omnibus and Rogues Rebellion TP
Sep 23, 2014: Bus Stop Flash Poster Sighting
Sep 23, 2014: Flash TV Updates: Latest Trailers, More Scripts Ordered
Sep 20, 2014: Flash Season Zero Chapter 2 Preview is Up
Sep 19, 2014: Flash: Futures End Preview on Uproxx
Sep 18, 2014: Flash Collections in 2015: Future Flash/Mashup TPB and Showcase Moves into the 70s
Sep 16, 2014: Keystone Kops in Gotham Central Sale at ComiXology
Sep 15, 2014: The USS…Epinephrine!? – Help Me Raise Funds for Food Allergy Research
Sep 15, 2014: Amanda Pays Returns as Dr. Tina McGee on THE FLASH