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Kelson is a web developer living in Southern California with his wife and son. He has been reading comics since the age of eight, starting at DC and gradually moving out toward indies. He first started reading The Flash with the launch of Wally West’s series in 1987, and has since tracked down all of Barry Allen’s run and a significant part of Jay Garrick’s. Kelson launched Speed Force in June 2008 as a companion to his Flash fan reference site, Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning.


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Articles by Kelson

Oct 1, 2014: Out This Week: The Flash Season Zero #1 (Print Edition)
Sep 29, 2014: Touring the Flash’s S.T.A.R. Labs Mobile Unit at Long Beach Comic Con
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Sep 23, 2014: Bus Stop Flash Poster Sighting
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Sep 20, 2014: Flash Season Zero Chapter 2 Preview is Up
Sep 19, 2014: Flash: Futures End Preview on Uproxx
Sep 18, 2014: Flash Collections in 2015: Future Flash/Mashup TPB and Showcase Moves into the 70s
Sep 16, 2014: Keystone Kops in Gotham Central Sale at ComiXology
Sep 15, 2014: The USS…Epinephrine!? – Help Me Raise Funds for Food Allergy Research
Sep 15, 2014: Amanda Pays Returns as Dr. Tina McGee on THE FLASH
Sep 15, 2014: Flash #37 and Season Zero #3 for December
Sep 15, 2014: Upcoming Flash Paperbacks: Reverse & History Lessons
Sep 10, 2014: Francis Manapul is Back in a Flash for the Season Zero #1 Variant Cover
Sep 9, 2014: Darwyn Cooke’s Variant Cover for Flash #37
Sep 9, 2014: Flash Cosplay at Dragon*Con 2014
Sep 6, 2014: Flash: Seazon Zero #1 Hits Monday – Preview Up Now
Sep 3, 2014: Hot off the Presses: Heat Wave Cast in THE FLASH TV Show
Aug 27, 2014: You Can Now Subscribe or Pre-Order Flash: Season Zero
Aug 27, 2014: Flash TV Poster Art
Aug 25, 2014: Flash #34 This Week (With Preview)
Aug 22, 2014: Central City Running Club T-Shirt (No Longer Available)
Aug 21, 2014: What Are Your Favorite SHORT Wally West Flash Stories?
Aug 19, 2014: ComiXology’s Multiversity Sale Includes Digital Flash of Two Worlds
Aug 18, 2014: Flash in November: Out of Time, Secret Origins, Season Zero (updated)
Aug 14, 2014: Flash Collections This Week: Reverse HC & Gorilla Warfare TPB
Aug 11, 2014: Flash TV Quick Hits: Clancy Brown and the Clock King
Aug 7, 2014: Flash #36 LEGO Variant Cover
Aug 4, 2014: A Trip to SDCC 2014
Jul 28, 2014: Flash Photography: SDCC 2014
Jul 23, 2014: To Comic-Con! (SDCC 2014 Edition)
Jul 22, 2014: This Week: Flash #33 (Preview)
Jul 20, 2014: Speed Reading
Jul 18, 2014: Captain Cold Cast and Other Flash TV News Round-Up
Jul 18, 2014: Flash Giant Tote Bag at SDCC
Jul 16, 2014: This Week: Digital Wally West Buzz
Jul 14, 2014: Flash in October: Flash #35 & Season Zero #1
Jul 13, 2014: Flash vs. the Bleak Despair of Existence
Jul 13, 2014: Speed Reading: Podcast Catch-Up, Waid & Wieringo & More
Jul 9, 2014: Flash #35 Monster Variant Cover
Jul 9, 2014: Half of Firestorm Joins Flash TV Cast
Jul 9, 2014: Flash “Season Zero” Digital-First Comic Launches in September
Jul 1, 2014: This Week: Earth 2, JL3000, and Digital Fast Money
Jul 1, 2014: Flash on the Cover of Justice League 3000 #8 (with preview)
Jun 30, 2014: Flash TV Pilot to Screen at Comic-Con
Jun 25, 2014: Flash TV Quick Hits
Jun 24, 2014: This Week: Flash #32 (Preview!) Plus Rogues w/Catwoman, More Digital Spin
Jun 21, 2014: Speed Reading: Zoom Obsession, Pilot Screening Rumor
Jun 18, 2014: Video Contest: Run to the Flash (Flash TV Talk)
Jun 18, 2014: Three Flash TV Spots: Impossible Man, STAR Labs Team and Friend Zoned