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Kelson is a web developer living in Southern California with his wife and son. He has been reading comics since the age of eight, starting at DC and gradually moving out toward indies. He first started reading The Flash with the launch of Wally West’s series in 1987, and has since tracked down all of Barry Allen’s run and a significant part of Jay Garrick’s. Kelson launched Speed Force in June 2008 as a companion to his Flash fan reference site, Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning.


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Articles by Kelson

Nov 23, 2015: This Week: Flash #46 (Preview) & Flash by Geoff Johns TP
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Oct 26, 2015: Flash Becomes Death in Darkseid War
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Oct 16, 2015: Flash #48 Coloring-Book Variant Cover
Oct 14, 2015: This Week’s Flash Backissue: Iris’ Parents and Robo-Lincoln
Oct 13, 2015: Classic Cover: Flash of Two Worlds
Oct 13, 2015: A Brief History of Zoom and the Reverse Flash
Oct 7, 2015: This Week: Miracle in Central City & Lightning in a Bottle
Oct 6, 2015: A Brief History of Jay Garrick, the Original Flash
Oct 5, 2015: Green Arrow/Flash Digital Sale at ComiXology
Oct 5, 2015: Colonel Sanders of Two Worlds!?
Oct 5, 2015: Seth Grahame-Smith in Talks to Direct the Flash Movie
Oct 2, 2015: This Week: The Evil Sound of Music
Sep 30, 2015: Iris West’s Mother Cast
Sep 23, 2015: This Week: Flash #44, Season One DVD/Blu-Ray, Flashback Secrets
Sep 18, 2015: Prof. Zoom vs Central City in Flash #44 Preview
Sep 17, 2015: Flash Becomes the Black Racer in Justice League: Darkseid War
Sep 16, 2015: Flash Season Zero TP & Iris Flashbacks
Sep 15, 2015: New FLASH Poster is a Scream
Sep 15, 2015: Running Through Long Beach Comic Con 2015
Sep 14, 2015: Flash #47: Prof. Zoom’s Endgame in December
Sep 10, 2015: Oh, Barry. Look what you did. (This week’s Flashbacks)
Sep 9, 2015: Barry’s Choice: Ethics of Time Travel in the Flash Season Finale
Sep 2, 2015: This Week’s Flash Comics: Season Zero Concludes, History Lessons TPB, Kick in the Head
Aug 28, 2015: Upcoming Flash Books for Early 2016
Aug 27, 2015: This Week’s FLASH-backs to 1970: Identity Exposed!
Aug 25, 2015: Jesse Quick Cast for Flash Season 2
Aug 25, 2015: Impulse Buy: ComiXology’s “Back to School Sale”
Aug 24, 2015: Flash #43 Preview Featuring the Folded Man
Aug 20, 2015: This Week: Flash #194-195
Aug 17, 2015: Flash vol.7: Savage World in January
Aug 17, 2015: Flash #46: The Search for Heat Wave
Aug 15, 2015: Flash Races the Roadrunner and Speedy Gonzales on this Looney Tunes Variant Cover
Aug 12, 2015: This Week’s Digital Flashbacks: Captain Cold Censored and the Day the Flash Failed
Aug 11, 2015: Flash of Two Worlds – TV Style!
Aug 5, 2015: Wally West Has Been Cast!
Aug 5, 2015: This Week: Kubert Covers the Flash (Digital Backlist)
Aug 4, 2015: Legends Casting Update: Immortal and Reincarnated
Aug 4, 2015: Watch the 1990s Flash TV Show FREE on CW Seed
Jul 29, 2015: This Week: Zoom’s Squad in the Flash Annual, Season Zero Finale, Flash Goes Green
Jul 27, 2015: Morrison/Millar Flash Hardcover in 2016
Jul 26, 2015: Flash/Legends TV Casting and News Round-Up.
Jul 22, 2015: This Week: Flash #42, Digital Doom from Decades Past
Jul 17, 2015: Flash #42 Preview: Jailbreak!