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Flash Fashion Facts from the Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.

Blog@Newsarama’s Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. feature has been running a three-part series by Alan Kistler on the Flashes’ costumes.

  1. Flash Fashion Facts!*
  2. Kid Flash Fashion Facts!
  3. The Renegade Flash Facts of Fashion!

*Update: The Blog@Newsarama pieces are gone; Kistler has moved the column to The Mary Sue, and has run an updated version of part 1 (link updated above).

On a related note, a few years back I put together a comparison of Wally West’s costumes, or at least those that contributed elements to his current outfit.

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Some more linkblogging for the weekend!

Art. These were all found by Devin at The Fastest Fan Alive.

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General comics links.

Quick Links: Artist Interviews — Andy Kubert on Flashpoint, Francis Manapul on Flash

Two recent interviews with Flash artists:

The Source posted a Q&A with Andy Kubert focusing on his work on Flashpoint. He doesn’t reveal anything about the story, but talks about the process of working with Geoff Johns, redesigning characters, and being sworn to secrecy on a project that everyone knows he’s working on.

Ain’t It Cool News’ Johnny Destructo interviewed Francis Manapul. He talks about how he got into comics, how he ended up working on Adventure Comics and The Flash (interestingly, it seems that someone else was going to draw The Flash, but backed out), his art process, pacing, Central City, and de-aging Iris.

My issues with Geoff Johns’ treatment of the Golden Glider

Today’s guest post is by Lia and was originally posted at The Rogues Kick Ass.

There are a number of reasons why I dislike Geoff Johns’ treatment of the Golden Glider (Lisa Snart), and it’s primarily because he makes her weak. Originally, she was an angry, vengeful character — a woman so angry about her boyfriend’s untimely death that she sought revenge on the Flash for purportedly killing him. It was her sole reason for becoming a villain, as she’d had no criminal record prior to the Top’s death and originally wasn’t interested in theft. For example, in Flash v1 #250 she vowed “No more skating for me…not until Roscoe’s death is avenged! And that means — get the Flash where it hurts the most!”

All her early appearances depicted her as viciously obsessed with making the Flash suffer just as she had, to the point of being defiantly willing to kill herself to fulfill this revenge. When the Flash bluffed about killing her to save his family from her scheme in Flash v1 #257, she declared “Then I’ll die — gladly! Without my beloved Roscoe, I have only one thing to live for anyway — vengeance! And with that accomplished, I’ll perish in peace — knowing you will be mourning as I have mourned — three times over!” There were in fact quite a few instances of her declaring hate for the Flash and her intent to get revenge. She was a strong and forceful person, if not a particularly pleasant one.

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Fourth Round of DC Universe Classics Fan Bracket at AFI

The DC Universe Classic Fan Bracket from Action Figure Insider continues with the Fourth Round of voting. The bracket has been ongoing since last year and this round is full of tough choices.

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Flashpoint Thursday: Creative Team Follow-Up

Bleeding Cool doesn’t list their source*, but they’re reporting the same creative teams that leaked a few weeks ago for the “Whatever Happened to Europe?” group of Flashpoint miniseries. If these come from an independent source, that lends more credence to the initial leak.

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Ardian Syaf

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies
Written by Abnett & Lanning
Art by Scott Clark

Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance
Written by Abnett & Lanning
Art by Harvey Tolibao

We’re keeping track of all the Flashpoint Creative Teams as they’re leaked or announced. Keep an eye on Speed Force and a bookmark on that link for updates!

*Understandable, since they usually report on items that are unofficial, not yet announced, etc., and want to protect their sources, but in this case, it leaves open the question of whether they got the info from industry sources or from the dozens of places that reported on the initial leak back in January. If the former, then it lends support to the information. If the latter, it doesn’t really tell us anything new.