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Flash #10 Cover Revised

Over at The Source, DC unveiled five new covers, mostly variants, plus the main cover for The Flash #10. Not surprisingly, it’s the Francis Manapul piece originally scheduled for Flash #9 before they moved up the theme cover originally planned for #10.

DC posted Yildiray Cinar’s Flash #10 variant earlier this month. The issue is currently scheduled for March 23.

RIP, Dwayne McDuffie

It’s always sad to hear about someone in comics dying, but there are times when it just comes out of nowhere. Yesterday’s news about Dwayne McDuffie’s unexpected death was one of those headlines that just made me say, “Wait…what?!?!”

I wish I had time to write more, so I’ll just toss these out:

1. Justice League Unlimited was fantastic.

2. McDuffie wrote the best Flash story of the short post-“Lightning Saga” relaunch: the Flash/Wonder Woman team-up in Justice League #20.

If You Could Only Buy Three Comics (Revisited)

A couple of years ago, I wrote about cutting down the pull list by figuring out what I really liked reading, as opposed to what I just bought out of habit. This was followed up by a harsher test: if you could only buy three comics, what would you choose? At the time, I picked The Unwritten, Madame Xanadu, and The Unknown. Yes, at the time, The Flash wasn’t in my top three.

I found myself thinking about this again. Two of those series are gone, and I’m enjoying The Flash a lot more than I used to. What would my choices be today?

  • The Flash, definitely. While I didn’t care much for Flash: Rebirth, the ongoing series has proved to be a fun adventure.
  • The Unwritten. I think we’re approaching the half-way point with this series, which continues to be fascinating, thought-provoking, entertaining, and occasionally downright creepy as it explores the way stories shape the world. This book was one of my picks for the Read This Too! recommendation.

Those two are easy. The third one? That’s the hard part. The two contenders are:

  • Velocity. In the strictest sense of the question, I’d have to go with this one. It’s been a great story, and I want to see how it ends. But once that last issue comes out, I’d go with…
  • Lady Mechanika, which is shaping up to be a good steampunk mystery/adventure.

Actually, since Lady Mechanika is bimonthly and Velocity’s finale will probably come out between its issues, I could probably make a case for them sharing the third slot!

So what missed the cut, and why?

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Flash Cakes and the Flash Fury

Remember those Hostess Flash Cakes? Shannon writes in:

Just thought I would share with you, we were in our local store and found Flash Cakes awhile back (we haven’t found them since though), and loved the whole idea. My boyfriend, Joe, is an Indy wrestler for RCW (a few others as well) and goes by the name Flash Fury. When we found the cakes on the shelf, he grabbed up a box up did a little pose with them for a picture, our friends at the wrestling shows love the picture. We are hoping to find more Flash cakes to take with us to the shows. We love them!

Great story, Shannon! Thanks for sharing!

Speed Reading

First, some links to art!

More Flashy links:

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Flashpoint: Questions and Answers

Over at The Source, Geoff Johns answers three questions about Flashpoint. Key items: “Flash will learn what the universe would be like if the world’s greatest super-heroes never became the world’s greatest super-heroes.” “You won’t just see the DC Universe shaken up, you’ll see characters you’ve never met who’ve come into existence because of the historical damage done to the past,” such as Element Woman [different from Element Girl?], Blackout, the Outsider [presumably not the Silver Age Batman villain, then], and the Resistance. [Interesting that “The Resistance” is a character, not an organization.] S!H!A!Z!A!M!

Most importantly: You don’t need to have read any specific stories to understand Flashpoint. “The Flash series and The Flash: Rebirth give you the foundation for Barry today, but even then Flashpoint #1 will tell you everything you need to know.” Familiarity with the normal DC Universe may help you appreciate the differences more, but “You’ll meet the world and characters as you enter the story.”

Head over to The Source to read the full answers.

If you have more questions, DC wants to hear them. They’re soliciting questions on The Source, on Twitter (post with the #Flashpoint hashtag), and on the Facebook pages for DC Nation and The Flash. They’ll pick the top questions and answer them on The Source as part of upcoming Flashpoint Fridays.

DC also unveiled a Flashpoint-style Green Lantern logo (at least I don’t remember seeing it before) and asked some leading questions:

  • Whatever *did* happen to the World’s Greatest Heroes?
  • Was Cyborg created to be their leader?
  • Who will the Resistance summon?
  • When do six become one?