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Move Forward: New 52 Flash HC Available for Pre-Order

The Flash: Move Forward, the first hardcover collection from the “New 52” run by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, is up for pre-order on Amazon with a November 13 release date. That means it should hit comic stores the previous Wednesday, November 7.

The listing states that it collects Flash #1-6, but that seems unlikely, given that Flash #6 is the first part of a two-parter. The most recent statement from DC said it would feature The Flash #1-8, which will cover the opening 5-part “Mob Rule,” the two-parter with Captain Cold, and the story featuring Turbine and the speed force. Contents, descriptions and covers do of course change quite a bit up until the point that a book is finalized, but I’d expect to see this volume run through either #7 or #8 by the time it’s released.

Adam Strange Meets Green Lightning (Circle of Fire Review)

The Circle of Fire event at The Indigo Tribe continues, with my review of Green Lantern/Adam Strange.

Green Lightning is a speedster from the future, a descendant of both Wally West and Kyle Rayner, who has inherited both super-speed and the Green Lantern ring. The two sides of her family insist that she follow their legacy alone, so that she can use only one set of powers each day — much to Adam Strange’s annoyance as they try to protect Rann from Oblivion!

Update: The Indigo Tribe blog is no longer available, so I’ve reposted my full review below: Continue reading

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