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Flash Omnibus Vol.3 Recall

Last week Bleeding Cool reported on a printing error in the recently-release Flash Omnibus vol.3. A few story pages near the end were printed out of order, causing the sudden arrival of Linda and Wally’s twins to make a lot less sense than it did in the original release.

James’ Musings describes the error in detail, and just how it messes with the story.

The murder of the Wests’ unborn twins at the hands of the new Zoom completely shocked readers and altered the course of the mythology. It also nearly tore apart the Wests’ marriage for over a year and half before they achieved reconciliation. So, as I said, this scene in “Rogue War” is therefore the big surprise and payoff. This is the moment where thanks to the miracle of time-travel (and only in comics can you hear a phrase like ‘spontaneous conception via time-travel’), Zoom’s triumph becomes the Wests’ triumph. That the psychotic speedster was indirectly responsible for undoing his own tragedy was additional icing on the cake.

Further discussion at the DC Archives Message Board features scans of the problem pages and an email from DC to retailers:


Due to an error, THE FLASH OMNIBUS BY GEOFF JOHNS VOL. 3 HC (APR120254) was printed with pages out of order. DC Entertainment announces that retailers will receive replacement copies at no cost.

To receive corrected copies of this item, retailers must remove the masthead/indicia page of the book (page 4) and return it to Diamond.

After removing page 4, DC asks retailers to destroy the error copies of the book.

All replacement requests must be received by 10/24/12. Replacement copies are expected to start shipping next month.

Retailers who return this page to Diamond by 10/24/12 will be credited for the return, and will be rebilled for the corrected edition.

If you bought one of the misprinted books, you’ll want to contact the store where you bought it to see about getting a replacement.

DC Collectibles New 52 Flash Available!

Hey Speed Readers,

Just wanted to let you all know (if you didn’t already) that DC Collectibles New 52 Flash is now available at the DC Collectibles website, Comic Book & Collectible Shops and various online dealers. Oddly enough DC Collectibles website is only taking preorders for October 31st, 2012 at the moment while the figure has already been released worldwide.

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Digital Flashbacks: Flash vs. the Icicle and the Magic of Impulse

Flash #56: The Return of the Icicle Impulse #17 guest-starring Zatanna

This week’s digital backissues at ComiXology include Flash #56-57 and Impulse #17-18.

Flash #56-57 feature a classic murder mystery, as it’s revealed that the Golden Age villain, the Icicle, had a rather large (legitimate) fortune when he died, and his will left a large amount to…the Flash? Wally West and his friends visit the Makhent mansion for the reading of the well, and one of the other heirs is found murdered in the middle of a snowstorm.

Impulse #17-18 take a break from the seriousness of the Max Mercury flashback with a pair of done-in ones. First: Bart Allen teams up with Zatanna. Do you really need to know anything else? And second, what do hyperactive speedsters dream about? Bart is trapped in a series of virtual reality scenarios.

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