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2011: The Year in Francis Manapul Flash Artwork!

It’s hard to believe that Francis Manapul’s first issue of Flash appeared in April, 2010.  Over less than two years, and 13 total issues, Manapul has already left an indelible mark on the character’s artistic history, pushing to join the ranks of inimitable long-term Flash artists alongside names like Carmine Infantino, Irv Novick, Greg LaRocque, Mike Wieringo and Scott Kolins.

Using innovative layouts and inventive portrayals of sound and perception, Manapul has brought readers deeper into the world of the Flash.  To celebrate a year that saw Manapul take over writing the Flash title with Brian Buccellato – a then-unexpected extension of his Flash run – we present the finest in Francis Manapul Flash artwork from 2011!  Drawing from The Road to Flashpoint and the first four issues of the New 52 story Mob Rule, there’s far more than we could fit into one post.  Check out the highlights after the jump…

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Results: Favorite Flash Stories of 2011

The results are in! Here are readers’ favorite Flash stories from 2011, as voted on at twtpoll:

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato’s current New 52 storyline, “Mob Rule,” is the clear winner, with Flashpoint taking a solid second-place spot and the DC Retroactive: The Flash 1980s special a respectable third. the 1990s Retroactive book and Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost round out the top 5, with the rest of the stories — including the second half of the Geoff Johns’ run on the regular series — barely represented at all.

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Speed Force: Top Posts of the Year (2011)

It’s been a great year for Speed Force, with Greg and Lia coming on board to join Devin and myself as regular contributors. Plus of course the Flash’s profile was raised with this year’s DC mega-event, Flashpoint, bringing in more people curious about DC’s super-speed hero.

Before we continue, I’d like to give a huge thank-you to Devin, Greg and Lia for their work on this site. I’d also like to thank everyone who contributed guest posts, and everyone who’s read and commented.

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