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Some Days Nothing Goes Right…Review of Rogues Rebellion #2

rogues rebellion coverThe Rogues are in a battle with the Crime Syndicate, the same group that took down the Justice League with barely a thought.  This simply cannot end well…and that’s the premise that starts this issue of Rogues Rebellion.  There are big changes everywhere in the DCU, none more evident than what happens in this story.  Still, we see once again the qualities that have made the Rogues such a fan-favorite among DC villains in a true game-changing issue.


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SpeedForce & TMStash Interview Manapul & Buccellato On Their Move From Flash to Detective!

Flash to Detective LogosWe recently had the honor of interviewing Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, the acclaimed creative team behind “The Flash”, as they prepare to move from “Flash” to “Detective Comics”.   We get their thoughts on the move, along with the themes they will be taking with their run on the World’s Greatest Detective.

As for why this is on TWO sites?  I regularly contribute reviews of “Flash” related titles to SpeedForce, the premiere Flash fan site on the internet.  And, I regularly review other DC and Indie titles at TMStash, the place for Comics, Movies, TV, Gaming, Tech News and more.  This transition from “Flash” to “Detective Comics” cuts across both sites…and that means it only makes sense to publish the full review on both sites!  Now, let’s get to the Q&A!

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Media Blitz! Manapul and Buccellato Talk Barry & Iris, Gem Cities, Detective

As their three-year artistic, two years everything, Flash run comes to a close, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have begun the transition into their new Gotham digs over in Detective Comics.  Yesterday, as part of an interview with Newsarama and a post over at DC HQ, details continued to emerge on the team’s final act.


First, here is a plot summary and preview page (above) from Flash #25 via DC Comics:

In THE FLASH #25, you’ll meet a young Barry Allen before he’s realized his full potential as the Scarlet Speedster. A recent graduate from the Police Academy, Barry finds himself partnered with Harvey Bullock in Gotham City when he volunteers to go help the city deal with the chaos brought on by the events of “Zero Year.” But Harvey is not thrilled with working with someone so young and inexperienced, leaving Barry to team up with Gotham Gazette intern Iris West to help solve the case of a mysterious drug appearing on the streets of the city that is causing people to spontaneously burst into flames. And it’s in this first meeting between Barry and Iris that the “will they or won’t they” tension is introduced to their relationship.
For more on Barry-in-Gotham, the Gem Cities and run reflections from the creative team, follow the jump!

Reverse-Flash’s Final Stand! Review of The Flash #24

Flash #24The New 52 version of the Reverse-Flash has proven to be as powerful a villain as Barry Allen has ever faced.  Daniel West has gained enough Speed Force energy to finally go back in time to “set things right”…by killing his father!  Can Barry stop him, or will Daniel add one more murder to his list of Speed Force-related victims?  That’s where we pick back up in The Flash #24!


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Three More Flash Issues by Brian Buccellato

In an extensive interview at CBR about the Manapul/Buccellato team’s new job on Detective Comics, Francis Manapul reveals that Brian Buccellato will be returning to write The Flash for three more issues after the Gage/Googe one-shot, from Flash #27-29. “Hopefully,” he says, “the idea is to wrap up some of the things we didn’t quite get around to during our run.” They didn’t say anything about who will be doing the art. It may not even have been decided yet.

This is starting to remind me of the end of the Waid/Augustyn run (which, oddly enough, is right where DC is currently at in their slow digital re-release). Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn finished up with Flash #159, the end of the Dark Flash saga, followed by several done-in-one issues by Pat McGreal…and one by Waid/Augustyn. Then DC brought on a little-known writer named Geoff Johns to do an arc while they looked for someone to take over the book long-term.

Confirmed: Manapul and Buccellato take over Detective Comics

Batman by Francis Manapul

DC Comics announced through USA Today that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, who are leaving The Flash after November’s Flash #25, will be taking over Detective Comics next spring.

They spoke to USA Today about focusing on the “detective” side of Batman, introducing additional supporting cast to “focus on the importance of family to Bruce Wayne,” and Batman’s obsession with protecting Gotham City. “Unlike other heroes who protect their home because they want to, Batman has to. He’s going to be such a fun character to sink our teeth into.”

Brian Buccellato stresses that they have a “gritty and dark side” more suited to Batman than their lighter take on the Flash and Central City. Readers concerned that the book will be too bright for Batman may want to look outside DC Comics to Buccellato’s solo writing on Foster at Dog Year Comics and and The Black Bat at Dynamite.

The article doesn’t say exactly when Manapul and Buccellato will be taking over the book, and but it’s after Detective Comics #27, which will be a special anniversary issue.

No word yet on the new Flash creative team.

Update: Rob S. points out in the comments an interview at CBR in which the team talks about their approach to Batman, and mentions that Brian Buccellato will stay on as solo Flash writer for three more issues.