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Mini-Gallery: Flash Cosplay at WonderCon 2018

I didn’t catch nearly as many Flash-themed cosplayers at this year’s WonderCon as I did at last year’s, but I get the impression from looking online that there were a lot more, and I just missed them! Here are the people I did find wearing Flash and related costumes. I actually saw at least three Killer Frosts, though I only caught two on camera. You can see my full WonderCon gallery on Flickr.

Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) Kara Danvers and the Flash (Barry Allen) Killer Frost Killer Frost and Vibe

“Girls Night Out” Review of S4 Ep5 of THE FLASH

The nuptials are getting closer for Barry and Iris, so of course it’s time for the bachelor…and bachelorette parties. Nothing to worry about, just a couple of tame parties and a little good natured…aw, who am I kidding? This is an episode that takes the Flash out of action (that uni doesn’t leave the dummy at S.T.A.R.), as the women of Team Flash (and more) meet a serious threat on their own. Parties were meant to be crashed…just not this way for any of my parties anytime soon…Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Killer Frost…and MUCH more! Review of THE FLASH S3 Ep7

Kevin Smith gave us a season’s worth of highlights in one episode. It’s not just the full-on Killer Frost appearance, nor that foreshadowed fight with Vibe, nor the follow-up to that battle last episode with Savitar. No, this episode packed everything but the kitchen sink in an action- and emotion-packed feast for the eyes and ears. If you can’t rate this episode a 10…I’m not sure what more you can expect from THE FLASH. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Monster” – Review of THE FLASH S3 Ep5

Sometimes things are not what they appear to be. That can be a good thing…or a bad thing, depending on what you learn about in the end. We get a little bit of both outcomes here. First, you learn that the big bad of the week may not be so bad. Then, you may find that someone you normally count on to help is…not so great. There are some truly unique moments in this episode, with some developments that promise to have a significant impact on the rest of the season. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Flashiness of LA Comic Con 2016

I missed the Flash TV cast panel at this weekend’s Los Angeles Comic Con (formerly Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo) due to a combination of LA traffic, road closures, full parking lots, and a ridiculously long line. I picked up my badge at 1:45pm. You can read the whole saga at K²Ramblings, or head over to my photo gallery on Flickr.

Judging by Instagram there were plenty of Flash-themed cosplayers, but I only spotted a few, and only caught two on camera. Wally West as the TV Flashpoint Flash…

Killer Frost and Whitney Frost  Cosplay at LA Comic Con 2016 Wally West TV Flash Cosplay at LA Comic Con 2016

…and how often do you see Killer Frost and Whitney Frost (from Agent Carter) together?

“Escape from Earth-2” Review of Ep 2.14 of THE FLASH

When we left the last episode of THE FLASH, Barry had been captured by Zoom on Earth-2 while Geomancer was literally tearing up the landscape on Earth-1. Time is running out for Barry to get away and for the “away” team of Barry, Cisco and Harry to return to Earth-1…but the bigger question is whether they will survive long enough to worry about that. That brings us to “Escape from Earth-2”, Episode 2.14 of THE FLASH!


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