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Animated Young Justice?

Last week, the Titans Tower Monitor Room reported on a rumor, based on a message board post, of a Young Justice cartoon in development. It seemed far-fetched at the time, but more information surfaced, including possible character designs. (Note: the Monitor room moved to a new site today. It looks like everything’s been transferred, but here’s the original post from last Thursday, for completeness’ sake.)

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool picked up the story, and today it’s on Blog@Newsarama, MTV Splash Page, etc.

Reportedly the show will be Young Justice League (trading on name recognition?) and will feature Martian Girl (is that Miss Martian?), Aqualad, Nightwing (is Robin tied to the Batman license again?), Impulse, Arrowette, and Connor Kent as teenagers.

Honestly? I’ll believe it when I see it. But an animated Impulse would be great fun to watch.

Interestingly enough, Impulse was part of the original pitch to Kids WB! for the 2001 Justice League cartoon. I’d been under the impression that this footage was hard to find, but apparently it’s an easter egg on the “Paradise Lost” DVD.

Update (April): The show has been officially announced.

Rumor: Flash Movie Speeding Up?

Edit: Thinking about it more, Brandan’s probably right. This was too sketchy to really bother posting. Even if it’s true, I probably misremembered the dates anyway. I’d delete the post, but on the internet that would paradoxically give it more attention.

Not much to report anyway: just someone overhearing a conversation which implied that WB marketing expected to start working on stuff related to the perpetually-in-development-hell Flash movie in the next couple of years, rather than just eventually.

Linkage: Rumors of Bart

While many fans seem to be taking it as given that Bart Allen will return in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, there’s been considerably less certainty as to where he might continue to appear afterward. Will he return to the present, or stay in the 31st century? Will he return as Impulse, Kid Flash, or the Flash? Will he appear on any sort of regular basis, or just be an occasional guest star?

Rumor column Lying in the Gutters suggests he might be staying with the Legion, or at least be available in that setting:

One San Diegoer tells me, “I was waiting at the Aspen booth at Comic-Con getting a sketch done by current Legion Artist Francis Manapul, when Geoff Johns came over and interrupted to talk to him for a second. Johns had a copy of…his first Teen Titans trade, and handed it to Manapul, which Manapul said, ‘I eventually did get my hands on a copy and read it last night.’ The two of them talked about Bart Allen for a couple of minutes, with Manapul being very complimentary of how he was written. Johns looked around, saw people were watching, and turned his back and the two of them continued to talk inaudibly for about 10 minutes about something before Johns left.

“Combine that with the vague question that Johns asked at one panel: ‘Does anyone miss Bart Allen?’ and there has to be something there.”

Rich Johnston gives the rumor a yellow light on his traffic-light scale of reliability, so even he isn’t sure what — if anything — the conversation means. It could mean absolutely nothing.