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Flash @ Final Crisis Management

A couple of items from my notes at the “Final Crisis Management” panel Friday at Comic-Con.

Geoff Johns mentioned that some stuff in Rogues’ Revenge spills over into Flash: Rebirth.

A fan asked Geoff, since he wasn’t alive when Barry died, what he was going to do to make him care. Geoff reiterated his “Trust me” line from yesterday.

Three fans got to go up on stage and read a photocopied proof of Final Crisis #3 and were given the chance to answer questions from the audience. Yes, Barry Allen is in issue #3.

Someone asked, why bring Barry back? And why now? Geoff Johns answered that he led the Silver Age, there were lots of thematic ideas, and that the question will figure into Rebirth, with Barry himself asking, “Why am I back?” Dan Didio added that it brings the Crisis story full circle. And that, like Hal Jordan, Barry never really left — people were always bringing him into stories through flashbacks, time travel, impostors, etc.

And, not that anyone should doubt it by now, the lightning rod from “The Lightning Saga” will be addressed in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.

Update: More complete coverage of the panel at CBR, at Newsarama, and at The Pulse.

Johns & Van Sciver on Flash: Rebirth

DC has announced that Geoff Johns and Ethan van Sciver are working on Flash: Rebirth, starring Barry Allen. It’s a 5-issue miniseries starting in January. Some quick linkblogging:

Speed Force: LiveBlogging DC Nation (where the announcement was made).

Newsarama: SDCC ’08 – Johns & Van Sciver Talk Flash: Rebirth.

CBR: CCI: Johns and Van Sciver Team Up for “The Flash: Rebirth”.

Flash @ DC Nation (San Diego) — Barry Allen: Rebirth

I’m in the DC Nation panel, and it looks like wifi is working. Dan Didio just walked up on stage and walked back off.

I won’t be trying to post everything as it happens, but any Flash-related stuff will go up as quickly as I can type it.

Dan Didio, Judd Winick, Keith Giffen.

It just hit me that I’m liveblogging something.

Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver are working on Barry Allen: Rebirth. Bunch of applause.

More people on stage.

Talking about Trinity.

Someone in the audience said something like “Thanks for bringing back the best Flash.” So Didio responded, let’s settle this, and had the audience vote. About equal applause for Barry, Wally, Bart. Almost as much for Jay. Someone shouted out, “Flash Thompson!”

Polling panelists:

  • Bill Willingham – “The guy in the flower delivery hat”
  • Peter Tomasi – Flash Gordon
  • Barry
  • Greg Rucka? – Pass
  • Jay Garrick
  • Jann Jones – “I’m the coordinating editor, not the story editor”
  • Bob Wayne – Jay
  • Mike Carlin – Flash Flood
  • Keith Giffen – (didn’t catch his answer)
  • Judd Winick – Quicksilver
  • Johns & Van Sciver: All of them!

Barry Allen: Rebirth or Flash: Rebirth is due in January. [Note: Final Crisis and Alan Burnett’s arc on Flash, “This Was Your Life, Wally West,” both end in December.]

Talk about Batman: RIP.

Kevin Smith walks in — huge audience reaction. Doing a Batman mini, Cacophony. Joking about how it’ll take 6 years.

Turning over to questions.

“Does that mean ‘Crisis’ is done?…are we going to use ‘calamity’ next?”

Fan to GJ: Just read RR, loved it. “When are you and Kolins coming back? It’s been a mess.” GJ: “Ethan and I are doing Flash: Rebirth. So we are coming back.” [Note: This doesn’t say anything about whether they’re staying after Rebirth, or just coming in to fix it.]

Fan asks what went wrong with Countdown. DD wants to know what we thought was broken about it. “If we don’t know what the problems are, we can’t address them. We can’t fix them.”

DD: “One of the things we wanted to do with Countdown was to try to be completely different from 52. Obviously we succeeded.”

Elseworlds: Mike (Carlin?) & Cary Bates on one project.

Fan: “If I’m allowed one man-crush on a team, Geoff & Ethan.”

DD re: Justice League movie: “No plans at this time.”

Fan: Crisis books keep scaring people off by killing characters off. Will you bring Rainbow Raider back? Geoff: “Sure, I’ll bring him back.” (Not clear how serious.)

Fan: Really excited about Barry — how will you distinguish them? Geoff: Read the book. (Longer, but that’s basically what he said.)

Geoff JOhns will be staying on GL after “Blackest Night.”

OK, I’m off to dinner.

Related: Vaneta Rogers at Newsarama interviewed Johns & Van Sciver about Flash: Rebirth. (Thanks to Stormking at Comic Bloc.)

Flash Companion at Comic-Con

I had a chance to check out The Flash Companion at the TwoMorrows booth today, and it looks really great. I also attended the TwoMorrows panel, where they talked about current and upcoming projects, and author Keith Dallas talked about the book.

John Morrow told a funny story about how, last night, Mark Waid showed up at the booth and wanted to buy a copy. They pointed out that he didn’t need to, they were sending him a comp copy, and he said, no, you don’t understand, I need to read this in my hotel room, tonight! They gave him his free copy then and there.

After the panel I finally got to meet Keith Dallas, Bill Walko, and someone else whose name already escapes me (sorry!) [Edit:] Jim Kingman. Keith is doing a signing at the TwoMorrows booth until 5:00.