Flash: Rebirth — What We Know So Far

Flash: RebirthThe current series of The Flash ends with #247, arriving in stores tomorrow.

Flash: Rebirth will be a 6-issue 5-issue miniseries written by Geoff Johns with art by Ethan Van Sciver, and is scheduled to start in April 2009. Ethan Van Sciver is drawing it, and has released one panel of preview art (see below).

Flash: Rebirth is centered on Barry Allen, but will “touch on all the other Flashes”—presumably meaning at least Jay, Wally and Bart.

Geoff Johns wants to “make [the Flash] mythology even bigger” in Flash: Rebirth, much like Green Lantern: Rebirth and Sinestro Corps War expanded the Green Lantern mythology. Johns says it “will be very science based, but will also blend in the quasi-science of the Speed Force”

Wally West will be getting a new costume designed by Ethan Van Sciver, and will still be called the Flash.

Update (Jan 19): The solicitation for the first issue is now available, confirming a release date of April 1 and the format: 5 oversized issues, 40 pages each for $3.99 (like Rogues’ Revenge).

Update (Feb 6): DC has released a 5-page preview through New York Comic-Con and Newsarama.

Update (Mar 27): The covers for issue #1 have been revealed.

Flash Rebirth sneak peekA new Flash series will almost certainly launch after Flash: Rebirth finishes. DC hasn’t officially announced when, who will write it, who will draw it, or even which Flash will be the star. Geoff Johns has been very strongly hinted, and it’s almost guaranteed that Barry will headline the book. It seems unlikely that they’d go to all the effort to bring him back, do a high-profile mini-series, and relaunch the book, just to keep someone else as the focus.

I think that covers the major issues. There is, of course, lots of speculation. Here’s a quick link to all posts here about Flash: Rebirth.


One thought on “Flash: Rebirth — What We Know So Far

  1. papa zero

    Speaking of the expansion of the Flash mythology – while keeping it “science based” …I sent this to Geoff Johns via myspace ages ago when I first learned he would be taking on Rebirth. Of course I realized he already had a path he had his mind set on and who am I to “make suggestions,” but I hoped he would at least take them into consideration…
    In retrospect, Barry Allen’s Flash always seemed ahead of the curve as relates to matters of science …even for a comic book superhero. While the moment of his origin may be a stretch, he isn’t from another planet, didn’t receive a power ring from an alien, and isn’t an Amazon – and given the nature of his power and their unified functionality (as opposed to disjointed powers like flight and x-ray vision…) he is perhaps, better explained scientifically unlike most of the other silver age characters.

    In October the Large Hadron Collider at CERN will conduct it’s first experiments. The results will most likely redefine physics as we know it and the fantastic thing about The Flash is that the anticipated upheaval of understanding really only perpetuates the unified functionality of his abilities and vindicates his iconic status as a focal point between worlds in the DC multiverse. While the mystery of how chemicals and a bolt of lightning enabled Barry to harness his power remains – even the current understanding of particle physics, quantum physics, and cosmology sheds new light on how we may perceive all of the abilities he has already displayed AND pushes the envelope on a new and more fundamental relationship of his powers to the fabric of the multiverse.

    It is because of his pivotal role that I highly recommend that you research the conventional wisdoms in particle physics, quantum physics, and cosmology. There is no character more elemental in relation to these mechanisms of nature. Similarly, there is no way for The Flash to remain a “nexus character” without embodying him as a conduit to those very mechanisms. I think that unless you define the “speedforce” in the context of these forces – you might as well give him magic boots. The idea of a speedforce diverts Flash’s central role in the DC universe since there is no practical use for such a thing outside the Flash continuum.

    I know you’ll write a great story regardless of what you use, discard, or retcon, but do yourself a favor and explore some reeally fun options. Look into the higgs field (this could be the single most relavent ingredient in defining Flash’s abilities since it is what generates resistance to accelerated motion). Look into superstring theory. Read “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene or at least rent and watch the Nova television special.

    Even though Flash’s origin stems from a bolt of lightning, I recommend you avoid using aspects of electromagnetism/electro-weak force to define his powers. The reason for this is that these forces are confined dimensionally to our plane while things like gravity and dark matter are not. Or, perhaps you could devine weaknesses for him from this… but Flash has clearly demonstrated the ability to travel to other planes of existence. You should tone up on the details specifically in regard to this since there is a lot that can shape him – or point him in sharp contrast to modern theory (necessitating a retcon down the road). I’d be happy to discuss the science more… and I’m looking forward to the direction you take with Rebirth!


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