Speed Reading: JLA, Drinks, Ridiculous Villains & More

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Incoming Justice League writer James Robinson will include a speedster on the roster.

Yes. I’m talking to Geoff [Johns] about which one it will be. I just have to make sure that everyone at DC is happy with the choice. But there’s a definitely one I have in mind, and I think you’ll all find it an interesting choice.

Blackest Night editor Eddie Berganza contrasts Black Lanterns against Zombies.

The Flash: Rebirth team of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver are both on the WonderCon 2010 Guest List.

Apparently Mark Waid isn’t evil anymore, judging by the new website www.markwaidwasevil.com.

Fan Commentary

High Five!'s Scarlet SpeedsterFlash drinkHigh Five! Comics has invented the world’s fastest drink: the Scarlet Speedster. In true Flash fashion, though, it’s not the first drink to ride the lightning! They’ve also put together a list of the top 10 “Most Ridiculous Villains We Could Think Of”. Two Flash villains — the Turtle and Double Down — make the cut alongside such classics as Starro the Conqueror, Polka Dot Man, and Turner D. Century. (I am not making this up.)

Titans Tower Monitor Room has put together a list of Top 20 Iconic Titans Covers.

Uni-Formz Flash GroupComics and Geeks is tempted by the Uni-Formz Flash action figures.

Fanboy Power Hour looks back at DC Comics Presents #1, the first half of one of the classic Superman-Flash races.

Update: Crimson lightning ponders Wally West’s Last Stand.

Update: Today’s random flashback post on my other blog is a scan of a rather hilarious public service announcement from the 1960s, BEM: Ladies’ Man.


8 thoughts on “Speed Reading: JLA, Drinks, Ridiculous Villains & More

  1. saranga

    Oh god I hope he hasn’t included Bart of the JLA roster. That would mean I’d have to buy it and that may mean a watse of money.
    Although I doubt it will be Bart, he’s not JLA material yet. If it’s gonna be an ‘interesting choice’ I’m assuming that rules out Wally or Barry. Maybe Max? Jesse Quick? One of the Russian speedsters?

  2. Perplexio

    PS: If Cyborg, Donna Troy, and Starfire are going to be in the JLA… who does that leave in the Titans? Or is DC going to scrap that title since most of the Titans will be in the JLA?

    Here’s an idea– keep the Titans around but bring in Red Robin, Batgirl, and Kid Flash. And maybe add Damian Wayne/Robin and Iris & Jai West to the Teen Titans.

    1. Perplexio

      Neither is Damian Wayne… maybe the 3 of them need to start the Pre-Teen Titans then.

      Seriously though with Dick, Kory, Donna, and Vic in the JLA there are some holes to fill in the Titans… Have Tim, Stephanie, and Bart join the Titans, maybe bring in Owen Mercer/Boomerang as he’s seriously under-utilized by DC (might that change with the resurrection of Eobard Thawne and the resurgence of the Thawne/Allen feud?). There’s instant friction between Tim and Owen and poor Bart being torn between his buddy Tim and his half-bro Owen… excellent material for the writers to work with.

  3. Omar Karindu

    I’d say it’s almost certain to be Max Mercury, given Robinson’s writing predilections and Jay being tied to JSA.


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