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UPDATE: The show is no longer available at, but is now on CW Seed. has episodes of the 1990-91 Flash TV series on it’s website to watch for free!

The Flash TV series is a favorite of mine from back when I was just a little guy. My dad was a huge fan of sci-fi tv series, and we used to flip back and forth from The Flash to the Simpsons way back in the day. A few years later my sister would let me rent out the old Flash series from Erol’s, as they carried two VHS of the series, The Flash and The Flash II: Revenge of The Trickster. I found both to be highly entertaining and watched them numerous times with captive eyes. I believe a third one was released later on but I never got a chance to watch it.

At this point in my collection I had only one Flash action figure with which I could act out his adventures with. It was made by Toy Biz and had an action feature that made his arms move when you wound the mechanism on it’s back. I believe these were the immediate successors of the Super Powers Collection Action figures and even had a knock-off quality when compared to them. I had a slew of X-Men action figures so they pulled double-duty as villains. Fun times.

When they finally released the The Flash on DVD back in January of 2006, I was there at Best Buy first thing in the morning to pick it up. I was not disappointed. Well except for the mixed up episodes and the reports of some discs not working correctly. But the show had high production values, a cool suit, a solid cast, and cameos from some future Hollywood mainstays (Angela Bassett and Richard Belzer). Like many first seasons of series it had it’s ups and downs. Many of which are showcased at, which ran a regular feature reviewing each episode of the show. Although I have to disagree with their review of Sins of The Father, personally that’s one of my favorites. I love the dice scene and the quick change costume scene towards the end. Pure Awesome.

Despite it’s low points the show was the first time that we really had a serious portrayal of a mainstream comics character in live action on TV and it was decently faithful.

I would love to see a live action Flash series (or better yet movie) in this day and age, but we will have to settle for this show in the meantime. We Flash fans have been doing a lot of settling though lately. I can only hope that with DC putting the spotlight back on The Flash in the DC Universe, we will see The Flash take the spotlight in other media as well.

If you missed it up top you can watch free episodes of The Flash here. Feel free to come back and leave some thoughts for us on the series and any memories you may have of it.

Credit: Dustin Fletcher for the link.

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10 thoughts on “Watch Episodes of The Flash TV Series on For FREE!

  1. bubbashelby

    Thanks for the tip – I loved this series and my daughters have the first episode(s) on VHS and watch it all the time – they will be excited to know there is more to see!

  2. Toast960

    The third Flash “movie ” was a compilation of the Nightshade episodes titled “The Flash III: Deadly Nightshade” and released only overseas.

    This show was definitely ahead of it’s time. Wish it would’ve gone on longer

  3. Joe

    Even before we see a live action movie, I really hope they come out with a DC Animated Movie starring the Flash.

    With Zoom as the threat. A super-speed serial killer. Of course we’d need appearances by the other Rogues like Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Mirror Master, Heatwave and Captain Boomerang.

    There’s also Grodd as an option.

  4. Mike C.

    Man, what a cool show. I never got over the fact that the suit never looked as cool as the pilot episode–they explained that as different lighting/gaffers, but I honestly still believe it’s a different suit.

    Screw CBS for not giving this another chance, but I also read somewhere that the producers were indeed offered a second season at a much lower budget, which as I understand was something they were not willing to compromise.

    I kind of wish they’d went ahead and excepted (if this tuly was the case). So… screw them too! 🙂

    Favorite episodes include: pilot, Honor Among Thieves, Fast Forward, and yes – Sins of the Father.

  5. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

    YES! Fast Forward is tied with Sins of the Father as one of my favorites. I’m glad that someone else can appreciate Sins of the Father as well.

    Fast Forward was just so wacky it was fantastic.
    .-= Devin “The Flash” Johnson’s latest blog post: Third Post! =-.

  6. TJCID

    Ah the good old days. I was a little kid when I first saw this show and I still remember bits and pieces of it. I’ve always believed in Speed>Strength and would have been a superman fan except he hardly ever used it as it should be used.

    I really hope they make a new tv show/anime/movie starring Flash *fingers crossed*.

  7. Romeo

    ***The WB can only be viewed in the United States.***

    So sad. Its a shame that the WB doesn’t bother to consider fans from other countries. I was really looking forward to watching a few episodes. =(

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