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Southern California Comic Cons – 2011

After last year’s five-con blowout, I’ve backed off a bit from Comic-Cons this year. In 2010 I attended at least one day at WonderCon, Anaheim Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, the general sci-fi/fantasy convention Westercon, and a full week of Comic-Con International in San Diego. (Those links go to my writeups and photos.)

This year I missed WonderCon (we weren’t sure about traveling with a baby), Anaheim (I’d rather catch Long Beach), and the one-day Long Beach Comic Expo (a busy month after moving, the new place desperately needed a no-plans weekend for some unpacking).

The second half of the year looks better.

Comic-Con International (July). I’m only going one day this year — new job, new baby and plans to move all conspired to keep things uncertain back at the time that tickets went on sale. So I’ll be a lot more focused on experiencing the day that I have than trying to report from the floor, but I’ll post my usual photos and writeups afterward.

Long Beach Comic Con (October). I’m still kicking myself for missing their April event, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. During its first two years, Long Beach has been a fun regional con focused on the actual comic part of Comic Con, and while I couldn’t make it to WonderCon this year, I really have no excuse to miss this one.

(Wizard World) Los Angeles Comic Con (September). Just announced a month ago. I sort of figure this is a second chance to catch Anaheim in case I change my mind, since Wizard has been really big on standardizing their shows lately. Also, I suspect they’re trying to crowd Long Beach out of the market, which is a big reason for me not to go.

Comikaze Expo (November). I only just heard about this one today, through the press release on Newsarama. It looks like they’re trying to out-Wizard the Wizard cons, judging by the heavy emphasis on TV/movie celebrities in the guest list, and maybe throw in elements of Anime Expo and GenCon to boot. It bothers me that they’re trying to hype it as the first con of its type in LA, ignoring the history of the Wizard cons and nearby conventions that aren’t within the Los Angeles city limits, but are close enough to be considered LA. I might drop in out of curiosity, assuming I’m not conventioned-out from Long Beach the week before.

So, current plans: San Diego and Long Beach. Maybe one of the two LA cons.

WWWW: Contest Winner, Week Six!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s installation of our “Where Was Wally West?” contest here at Speed Force!

We posted a panel from a classic Flash comic, featuring Wally West in an alternate reality, the past or a “possible future”.  Correct answers were put into a raffle, and a winner was drawn at random.  To refresh your memory, here is the latest subject:


This week’s straw-in-a-hurricane is…


Congrats to Michael!  This week’s subject was Flash #43, (September–October 1990): “Night of the Mechanical Zombies,” writer – William Messner-Loebs, artist – Greg LaRocque. This is the scene where Flash is fighting the Kilg%re, and receives the ‘pill’ which will bring him back to life in issue #50.  Michael wins a copy of the Terminal Velocity TPB.

See you on Wednesday for the next installment in “Where Was Wally West?”!

Speed Reading

Some weekend linkblogging…


Flashy Links


Other Comics Stuff

Flashpoint World Map & Grodd the Conqueror

Among today’s Flashpoint Friday articles at The Source are this map of the world of Flashpoint showing trouble spots, and an interview with Sean Ryan about his one-shot: Grodd of War.

It seems that in a world without a Flash, Grodd took control of Gorilla City and began expanding his empire, conquering the whole of Africa by the time Flashpoint begins. But everything’s come too easily, and he just isn’t satisfied without a challenge.

Other articles posted today include interviews about The World of Flashpoint and Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos. CBR has a good round-up of the day, including both DC’s releases and fan reactions.

Quick Hits: Flash Actors in Dallas, Help Moose Baumann & More

Some items of Flash-related news.

Colorist Moose Baumann, whose work can be seen on the iconic cover for The Flash: Rebirth #1, is is selling prints of his work to raise money to cover medical expenses for his wife’s cancer treatments. (via That F’ing Monkey and Comics Alliance)

Actors John Wesley Shipp (Barry Allen) and Amanda Pays (Tina McGee) from the 1990 Flash TV series will be appearing at Dallas Comic Con this weekend.

Comic Book Movie reports that the Flash’s home town of Central City will be mentioned in the Green Lantern movie. (via @johnnywellens)

Interview: Cary Bates on Flash, 1979-1985 – Part One

One of the seminal writers in DC Comics’ history, Cary Bates has crafted adventures featuring comics’ greatest characters for all or part of six decades.  From his years as one of the main Superman scribes to 2010’s The Last Family of Krypton, he has left his mark on the world’s finest superheroes, experimenting with the genre and storytelling to stunning effect.

His first Flash story, 1968’s “The Flash – Fact or Fiction,” has been collected numerous times among the Greatest Flash Stories Ever Told.  But that tale is, literally, just the beginning.  After taking over as full-time writer in 1971 with Flash #209, Bates spent an amazing 14 years on the title until its cancellation in 1985.  He also authored the memorable Flash stories featured in Adventure Comics and the DC Special Series in the late 1970s.

With Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash set for a July release, we’ve been running annotations of Bates’ Flash issues that laid the groundwork for the Trial story and the final years of The Flash.  We’ll take a break over the next two weeks to hear from the man himself, and learn how he took a character ensconced in Silver Age sensibilities and created an emotionally-charged super-saga far ahead of its time.

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