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New Heroes, New Dangers…New Batman for Earth 2! (review of Annual)

Earth 2 Annual 1 coverThe heroes of Earth 2 are growing in number, with appearances by Captain Steel, Mister Miracle and Barda…and a mysterious new Batman!  This Annual does a great job of setting the table for stories to come…if only we could get a little more from James Robinson on this excellent title.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way first…here is the transcript of everything Jay Garrick did in this issue.

Don’t worry, he wasn’t the only person who didn’t show up in the Annual, as Doctor Fate was nowhere to be seen and Hawkgirl appeared only briefly.  Even so, this was an excellent issue and presents events that will soon affect the life of our favorite Earth 2 speedster, so let’s move forward with the review.

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Will Raven Choose the Titans…or Trigon? (Review of Teen Titans #20)

Teen Titans 20 coverAfter last issue’s events, New York’s Times Square is in shambles.  Two dozen people trying to secure the area after the battle died with just a simple thought (“drop dead”) from Psimon.  What more can go wrong?  And, will Raven choose to fight alongside the Teen Titans or side with her father Trigon?  That’s the starting point for issue #20 of Teen Titans, which does a good job of pushing forward the New 52 version of the battle between the Titans and perhaps their most infamous opponent.


Quicksilver Cast in X-Men: Days of Future Past

There’s still no word on when the Flash may be racing onto the big screen, but we now know that another comic book speedster — Marvel’s Quicksilver — will be appearing in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Evan Peters (American Horror Story) has been cast as the son of Magneto, as reported by CBR.

Joss Whedon recently confirmed that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in the Avengers 2 script (which is in much earlier stages). According to spinoff, the characters are available to both studios (Marvel and Fox), so his appearance in one franchise doesn’t prevent him from appearing in the other.

Update: Marvel and Fox are reportedly in a “legally-negotiated stand-off” over the character at this time. According to HitFix, Fox can’t mention the Avengers in X-Men: DoFP, and Marvel Studios can’t call him a mutant or mention Magneto in Avengers 2.

Justice League Dark Gets Help…In a FLASH! (review of issue #20)

jl dark 20 coverIn the last issue of Justice League Dark, the House of Mystery had been hijacked and Swamp Thing had been captured, allowing Doctor Destiny to send nightmare visions into the world.  The Flash had been brought into this battle, as there is something about his powers that makes him uniquely qualified to help.  Now, the battle heats up in Justice League Dark #20, the second of a three issue arc guest starring The Fastest Man Alive!

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A Very Dangerous Reverse Flash Takes Center Stage In Flash #20 (review)

Flash #20 Final CoverIn The Flash #20, the all-new Reverse Flash stars in what promises to be a fantastic story arc, pitting his very different power set against The Fastest Man Alive!  Barry has his job back…in a way, and starts a new page in his personal life just in time to see the biggest danger he has yet to face in the New 52.  If you have been missing out on The Flash, this is a great time to jump back on and take a look at this excellent series.