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How the Flash could have looked in INJUSTICE

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Flash Concept Art

Artist Justin Murray has posted a bunch of concept art from Injustice: Gods Among Us, including this piece showing a Flash design for the video game. He explains, “It was the best thing in the world to be given the chance to redesign some of the worlds most badass superheroes and villains. They wanted us to go in a live action summer blockbuster movie direction with these designs. Hope you like them!”

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Creating “Flash Beyond”

Flash Beyond (Danica) Character Designs

Justice League Beyond writer Derek Fridolfs writes about “Flashdrive” and the future Flash over at his blog. Inspiration for the character came from race car driver Danica Patrick and Olympic runner Rafer Johnson. Fridolfs also talks about the costume design process, Flash fans (who us?), and how to fit Flash history into the established Justice League Unlimited/Batman Beyond continuity.

Danica debuted in Justice League Beyond #19 and took the lead in chapter 20. As for future spotlights…

Fans clamoring to know more about Dani will get a chance to see her back story told in an upcoming “Beyond Origin”. It was a fun way to show where she grew up and traveled to around the Beyond Universe, as well as explore the legacy of the Flash and how she’s able to hear all the voices of the previous Flashes. I even created some new villains in there as a possible back-door “pilot” if she got her own series or more stories to help flesh out her world. But at this stage, I’m kind of doubtful it’ll ever happen.

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out!

Head over to Derek Fridolf’s blog to read the whole article.

This Week: Digital Chain Lightning Begins

No new Flash comics this week, but ComiXology is adding to their digital back catalog.

Flash #145

Flash #145: “Chain Lightning” Part 1 of 6: Wally West, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Impulse, and Jesse embark on a thousand-year time-spanning journey to help future Flashes against those who wield the Cobalt Blue gem. It’s Allen vs. Thawne for generation after generation. Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, Paul Pelletier, Vince Russellcover by Steve Lightle.

Impulse #70: Bart’s friends have decided to make a movie about Impulse! Of course, Bart gets cast as…the villain? Todd Dezago, Carlo Barberi, Juan Vlasco, cover by Ethan Van Sciver.

Also, I missed this one a few weeks ago:

Green Lantern #40: A tie-in to The Return of Barry Allen: “Hal is surprised to find that his old pal Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, has apparently returned from the dead–but the speedster’s actions are less than civil. If Green Lantern is unwilling to stop this seemingly evil Flash, then his rival, Darkstar, will!” Gerard Jones, Claude St. Aubin, Romeo Tanghal

The Flash in Video Games Part 6: Injustice

Today’s guest post is by Colin Crebs.

Flash fans rejoice! Another playable Flash in a fighting game appears, this time in Injustice: Gods Among Us. But is he done well, or is it an… injustice?

Injustice: Trinity Plus the Flash

Pictured above: The Flash striking a pose with the DC Trinity, with Solomon Grundy photobombing.

For quick reference, here is a video of the Flash fighting Shazam. You can see the Flash do some super-speed combos, slow down time, and perform his Super Move where he runs entirely around the world just because why not. If you practice with him for a few minutes, you will discover he’s very different in play-style from his appearance in MKvDC. He will seem generally slower, with no ability to zip around the stage with impunity. But he may grow on you.

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Flash #173 and the Mystery of the Shrinking Panels!

Flash #173, the full-length “Doomward Flight of the Flashes,” is an all-time classic tale of the DC multiverse by legendary writer John Broome and the great Carmine Infantino.  Featuring the three Flashes of the time in a dimension-leaping epic, this is pure Silver Age Flash in the Julius Schwartz tradition!  While reading a copy of the 1980 DC Blue Ribbon Digest #2, I was inspired by a panel on the final page, showing the three Flashes arriving back on Earth One:


The position of the figures in space and their different centers of gravity, as well as the solid city backdrop, give this a strange sense of motion fitting a return-trip from an alternate reality. It is deceptively simple and effective, and spurred me to pull a reprint.  That’s where things got a little weird…

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Takin’ It To the Streets (of Boston) with Jay Garrick and Doctor Fate! (review of Earth 2 #12)

earth 2 12 coverIn Earth 2 #12, Doctor Fate is learning how to control the amazing powers granted to him by the Helm of Nabu, while Jay Garrick and Alan Scott provide cover as the battle with Wotan takes to the streets of Boston!  This is a much more powerful Wotan than Nabu himself faced so many years ago, so the outcome is certainly in doubt as we rejoin the battle as this issue begins, continuing one of the best series that DC publishes today!