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The Origin of Kid Flash Starts Here! Review of Teen Titans #25

teen titans 25 coverThe New 52 Bart Allen has a dark secret, one that is finally coming to light as we prepare for the “Trial of Kid Flash” in Teen Titans #25.  But, just what DID he do…and how did he end up in our present time?  There’s a LOT more to this story, and that’s where we pick up with the latest issue of Teen Titans.


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Barry’s “Zero Year” Story – Ending With a Beginning (Review of Flash #25)

Flash #25 CoverThe “Zero Year” arc edition of The Flash finds a younger, pre-Flash Barry Allen on the streets of Gotham…and he isn’t the only citizen of the Gem Cities hanging around these mean streets.  Manapul and Buccellato give us one last great story before their own move to Gotham City, complete with one “beginning” we see in this issue for the first time anywhere!


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Out This Week: Flash #25 – Zero Year!

Flash #25 CoverThe final Manapul/Buccellato issue of The Flash is out today. It’s a flashback, set in Gotham City during Zero Year, featuring a pre-speed Barry Allen and Iris West. Preview at Heat Vision.

ComiXology doesn’t have any new Flash or Impulse backissues this week. I suspect DC has moved Flash from a biweekly reissue schedule to a monthly, leaving Impulse biweekly for now. I hope they’ll at least wrap up Impulse on this schedule since there are only four issues left (Impulse #85 was already rereleased as part of a Young Justice crossover). Also two annuals, a pair of team-up, and Bart Saves the Universe.

Flash Fact: Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2013

Mark Waid at LBCHC 2013I spent Saturday at Long Beach Comic and Horror Con, which despite its name is still, five years on, one of the most comics-focused “comic con” events I’ve been to. Among other things, I caught the Young Justice Voice Acting panel with a dozen cast members and Greg Weisman, a discussion panel between Marv Wolfman and Scott Lobdell and a spotlight on Mark Waid (see photo). Wolfman and Waid are always fascinating, and Lobdell turned out to be really interesting as well. Brian Buccellato was supposed to be there as well, but I never saw him. Artist’s Alley was huge, though, and I never quite managed to do the full systematic pass that I intended, so it’s entirely possible that all my trips through the area missed him.

Some interesting Flash-related bits:

Jason Spisak, when asked about getting into his character, remarked that Wally West’s lines in the script always look like he’s a “total douche,” but what he had to do was think: His friends keep him around. There’s got to be something endearing to him that they want to have around. He’d find that and make it come through in his acting.

Speaking of Young Justice, the game studio that did Young Justice: Legacy still has the license. If the game does well enough, they’d like to do a sequel…set during what would have been season three.

Young Justice Cast at LBCHC 2013
Mark Waid, when asked what story felt like he’d finally made it, said “The Return of Barry Allen.” That’s interesting, since the story was about Wally West reaching the point where he felt like he’d finally made it. He also said that his record at making good cliffhangers is due to the fact that he writes them before figuring out how the character’s going to get out (which makes for a few stressful days at the beginning of the next script). If he doesn’t know how, the audience isn’t going to guess!

Scott Lobdell compares the New 52 Kid Flash’s personality to Woody Woodpecker.

Check out my full write-up at K-Squared Ramblings or go straight to the photos.

Flash #25 Preview is Up!

Flash #25 CoverHeat Vision has a preview of Flash #25, out in stores next Wednesday. It’s a Zero Year tie-in, written by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato — their last issue of Flash together before moving to Detective Comics — with art by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.

In it, a pre-Flash Barry Allen and Iris West meet in Gotham City five years ago. “What crucial part did Barry Allen play in the Zero Year saga, and how did it shape his future as The Flash?”

Flash #25 arrives in stores on Wednesday, November 27.

Some Days Nothing Goes Right…Review of Rogues Rebellion #2

rogues rebellion coverThe Rogues are in a battle with the Crime Syndicate, the same group that took down the Justice League with barely a thought.  This simply cannot end well…and that’s the premise that starts this issue of Rogues Rebellion.  There are big changes everywhere in the DCU, none more evident than what happens in this story.  Still, we see once again the qualities that have made the Rogues such a fan-favorite among DC villains in a true game-changing issue.


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