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Flash: Divergence Sneak Peek

flash-divergence-preview-splashpageDC has an eight page preview of the post-Convergence direction of the Flash in which we see Barry Allen’s new costume, his new living situation (with a surprise roommate), plus a reminder of his family history…which looks like it may be important, now that Professor Zoom (the Reverse Flash) is back — and the Professor has brought his students along.

I’m not sure if this is part of the upcoming The Flash #41 or if it’s an independent preview.

According to Brett Booth on Twitter, this is a stand-alone preview that is not part of The Flash #41.

The Flash Gets Mopee(z)

Apparently Funko has a line of plush toys called Mopeez. They’re adding a set of DC Mopeez in August built around the idea that “Even your favorite DC superheroes have bad days!”

Flash Mopeez

It reminds me a bit of Super Emo Friends, only without the clever captions.

But the name….

MopeeLong-time Flash fans may have heard the name Mopee, or might remember the “Heavenly Helpmate” in Flash #167 (1967) who claimed to have given Barry his powers by directing the lightning bolt at the window…only to learn later on that he’d screwed up because Barry didn’t own the chemicals himself. Barry agreed to earn the money to buy the chemicals as the Flash, in order to keep his powers.

The story was so widely reviled that it was quietly forgotten and never mentioned again in canon. Who’s Who spared one sentence to explicitly reject it. Eventually in-jokes started to show up. An Ambush Bug story had him claim to be responsible for a half-dozen other superheroes’ origins. Another story had “mopee” as the nickname of a street drug. But mostly the character has become a label for the kind of retcon that’s so bad that it’s retconned away just as quickly.

This Week: Digital Flash Elseworlds and Year One Annuals

Season One of the Flash TV show is done, but the comics continue through the summer, and so does DC’s progress through their backlist as they add more digital editions.

This week, DC adds two Flash Annuals starring Wally West.

Flash Annual #7 (1994) is an Elseworlds tale. A battle with Captain Cold left Barry Allen dead and Wally West in a wheelchair. Now Wally wants to make a movie about Barry Allen’s life and sacrifice, but Captain Cold wants the world to remember a different take on what happened. Written by Mark Wheatley; Pencils by Ed Benes; Inks by Rene Micheletti and Eddie Wagner.

Flash Annual #8 (1995) is a “Year One” tale about when Wally West first took up the Flash identity. Green Lantern and Jay Garrick intervene when a battle with Dr. Alchemy goes badly. Mark Waid, David Brewer, Mark Stegbauer. In a backup story, “Kid Flash Day Two” features the young Wally West vs. Mr. Element. Tom Peyer, Humberto Ramos, Wayne Faucher, Ken Branch.

Flash Annual 7 Flash Annual 8


Convergence Flash 2The adventures of the Silver Age Flash continue for at least one more issue as we see the conclusion to this CONVERGENCE tie-in. Barry Allen was visiting the present day after the classic “Trial of the Flash” storyline had propelled him into the future with Iris – and of course, before his sacrifice in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, when the dome fell. Now that the dome is down and his powers have returned, we find Barry up against the Tangent Superman! What happens now? Okay, it’s time to say…


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Preview is up for Convergence: The Flash #2

Convergence Flash has the preview for Convergence: The Flash #2, out in stores tomorrow. Barry Allen of Earth-One (1980s, pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths) meets the Superman of the Tangent Universe, and in these preview pages, they discuss the contrived nature of the combat set before them. (I’m pleasantly surprised to see that acknowledged in the text.)

Written by Dan Abnett, art by Federico Dallocchio, cover by Jonboy Meyers.