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DC Collectibles Announces A Veritable Slew Of Flash Collectibles!

DC Collectibles via USAToday announced a number of interesting upcoming Flash products that are guaranteed to knock the socks off of older and newer Flash fans alike.

First up, we have a brand new DC Collectibles 6″ action figure line called DC Icons.  Not only will the series be featuring characters and designs from the New 52 but they will also be mining the classics; In the second wave, due out in Late 2015/Early 2016 we can expect to find Barry Allen circa the Crisis on Infinite Earths and featuring a brand new Cosmic Treadmill!


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DC Entertainment Announces Two Animated Projects Featuring The Flash


Variety reported yesterday that DC Entertainment working with Mattel, Fisher Price and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release two direct-to-homevideo animated projects featuring different versions of The Flash.

The first, Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts is based on the Mattel Batman Unlimited toy line:

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts” will debut May 12, as a direct-to-homevideo animated movie that features Batman, the Flash, Red Robin, Nightwing and Green Arrow as they face off against super villain the Penguin, while introducing cyber animals as new foes. A sequel film will be released around the second half of 2015.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release the “Batman Unlimited” films on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. In addition, WB will also produce 22 two-minute shorts around the “Batman Unlimited” toys, making them available for free on a variety of digital platforms, while a companion app also will provide young fans with access to content.

Mattel produces the Batman Unlimited action figures which are rolling out onto store shelves now, and feature a new look for the Caped Crusader.

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Heroclix Unboxed

WizKids has posted a new video on their YouTube account which shows the opening of two bricks (cases) of the Flash Heroclix set. It’s pretty amazing because it gives us our first looks at some of the figures, and is also the first confirmation of some of the figures’ existence. We now know that the Rival, XS, Tornado Twins, the first Trickster, and Dr Alchemy will be in the set, for example. And some of the Heroclix (such as Tar Pit, Zoom, and others) had only been seen before in a single blurry photo. The video is about twenty minutes long, but is well worth watching.

The first part of the set will be released on October 22, and the rest will become available in mid-November. I’m really looking forward to it!

Flash and Bizarro Flash HeroClix Previewed At


Hey Speed Readers,

So in anticipation of the upcoming Flash-themed HeroClix set aptly named, The Flash, has began previewing some of the updated dials and new characters that we will be seeing come November. First up we have a new version of Barry Allen based on his interpretation in the New 52:

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