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Keystone Kops in Gotham Central Sale at ComiXology

Gotham Central 29While the announcement makes no mention of the “Gotham” TV show launching soon, ComiXology is running a Gotham Central sale with over 100 issues of the series and other Batman books discounted to 99 cents each. That includes the 4-part “Keystone Cops” story in Gotham Central #28-31, which sees Detectives Montoya and Allen pursuing a case to Keystone City and the captive Dr. Alchemy, who may be the source of a bizarre chemical weapon used on a Gotham City police officer. Keystone City Detectives Chyre and Morillo and Rogue profiler Ashley Zolomon guest star as well.

With any luck there will be a Flash sale in the coming weeks as well, especially since DC stopped releasing the 1987-2008 series without finishing it. (Most of the Geoff Johns/Howard Porter run is missing, plus for issues of Waid/Augustyn).

You Can Now Subscribe or Pre-Order Flash: Season Zero

Flash Season Zero VariantComiXology now has the digital-first comic Flash: Season Zero in its catalog. The first issue, scheduled for September 8, is available for pre-order, and the series is available for subscription.

And hey…that art style looks familiar, doesn’t it? We know previous Flash artist/writer Francis Manapul is doing a variant cover for #1, so chances are this is part of that cover.

(Hat tip to FlashFans.org)

Digital Flash Collections at ComiXology and Google Play

DC has added dozens of digital collections to ComiXology and Google Play, including four Flash books:

  • Move Forward
  • Rogues Revolution
  • Flash: Rebirth
  • Flashpoint

In the case of ComiXology it’s not a big change, since the individual issues have been online since 2011 (along with a much, much deeper catalog). It just makes it a little easier to buy a complete story, and it looks like it’s slightly cheaper to buy the collection than the individual issues.

In the case of Google Play, it opens the audience up to Android tablet owners who don’t have a dedicated comic book app such as ComiXology or DC’s branded ComiXology app.

DC has a much fuller catalog in individual issues on ComiXology, as well as collections on the Kindle, iBooks and Nook stores. And apparently I missed the fact that individual issues are also available on those platforms as well, and have been since last November.

It’s not clear how much of the back catalog can be found on these sites. I can’t see the iBooks store at all, and Amazon isn’t set up to make it easy to browse a long series. The Nook store does let me look at a series, but only seems to have backissues that were released since early 2013. No sign of the Brightest Day Flash issues, though they have the collections of Dastardly Death… and Road to Flashpoint, and the Wally West issues start at #84 and have a lot of gaps. I suspect if I went back over my weekly release posts, I’d find those gaps are where DC skipped over issues that had already been posted on ComiXology. I’ve spot-checked a few issues I saw (and didn’t see) on the Nook store over at Amazon, and it looks like the same issues are present — and missing — there. I’d guess iBooks probably lines up with that catalog as well.

This Week: Digital Impulse, Flash & Smallville

Digital flashbacks this Wednesday include Flash #93 and Impulse #47. This fills in a gap, making the first 100 issues of Wally West’s Flash solo series available digitally. Additionally, Friday features the release of the next digital chapter of “Haunted” as Impulse guest-stars in Smallville Season 11.

Smallville Season 11: Haunted

Smallville Season 11 on ComiXology.

Something terrifying is pursuing Impulse — what could keep up with the Fastest Man Alive?

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This Week: Gorilla Warfare in Flash #15, Flashbacks to the New Trial of the Flash & Impulse

Flash #15

Flash #15 is out today (preview).

“Gorilla Warfare” rages on! In THE FLASH #15, Barry Allen must go to extreme measures to defeat Grodd while the Gorillas take over the Gem Cities. With his body out of commission, The Flash uses the Speed Mind to glimpse the future, and things are not looking good for him and the Rogues! Can Barry think of a way out of this situation? Or are the Gem Cities doomed forever? From the creative team of Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato, Marcus To, and Ryan Winn, THE FLASH #15 races into stores this Wednesday.

Smallville Season 11 is on break this week (DC’s digital firsts are generally three chapters each month) and will be back next week, along with the print edition of the first three chapters of “Haunted” guest-starring Impulse.

Meanwhile, ComiXology’s digital re-releases continue:

Flash #88-89: Wally West is sued for negligence by a woman who was horribly injured during the battle with Razer, and the shock sends him into a frenzy of crimefighting. How do you fight a lawsuit when you blame yourself? Can even the fastest man alive save everyone? Flash on ComiXology

Impulse #43: Gamal runs a convenience store in Manchester, Alabama, but in his home country, he was a brilliant scientist and inventor. Now he’s being pursued by foreign agents intent on weaponizing his inventions.

Impulse #44: School bully Evil Eye steals his dad’s super-villain costume for Halloween. What could possibly go wrong? Impulse on ComiXology.

This Week’s Digital Flash: Argus, Arrowette & Smallville

Flash #86 Impulse #41

This week’s Flash comics are all digital, including two re-issues today, and one new chapter in the Impulse story on Smallville on Friday.

Flash v.2 #86: The Flash and Argus go against the alien weapons-dealers, the Combine. (Note: ComiXology’s summaries have been off a few issues lately. They describe this one as having to do with the lawsuit storyline.)

Impulse #41: “Arrowette’s back and she’s asked Impulse to help her solve a string of mysterious thefts in several schools. In order to do so, Bart’s got to accompany her to a dance where he believes he’s uncovered the source of these thefts–and it involves just about everyone in Flash’s Rogues Gallery!”

Smallville Season 11 #26: Continuing “Haunted,” guest-starring Impulse. Read more about this storyline in last week’s article..