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TV’s Flash Comes to Print – Review of THE FLASH SEASON ZERO #1

Flash Season Zero Chapter 1 CoverAs we get ready for the much-anticipated debut of THE FLASH on television, DC brings to print their digital-first adaptation of the series in THE FLASH SEASON ZERO #1.  For those who haven’t been grabbing the digital chapters, this first issue puts together digital issues #1 and #2 – with a photographic main cover and a variant cover by Francis Manapul.  This looks to be a great companion title for the series, one that is easily accessible for new fans…and a good start for this long-time Flash fan as well.


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Out This Week: The Flash Season Zero #1 (Print Edition)

Flash Season 0 Issue 1With the Flash TV show launching next week, DC is making sure a new Flash comic featuring the TV version of Barry Allen is available to anyone, whether they want to pick it up online or in a comic shop.

The Flash: Season Zero #1 is out today, collecting the first two chapters of the digital-first comic in paper form. The digital edition releases a new episode every other Monday, alternating with Arrow: Season 2.5

An all-new digital first series From the world of the highly anticipated new TV show The Flash! Follow the adventures of Barry Allen as he struggles to balance his job as a police crime scene investigator, his unrequited crush on Iris West (who also happens to be his boss’ daughter) and his new life as Central City’s guardian angel! Don’t miss out!

In this issue, the Flash tries to foil a bank robbery, only to find the robber is a super-strong giant. And he’s not the only metahuman involved, as something bizarre takes shape at the Central City Zoo. Previews are available at USA Today and at Crave Online.

Written by Andrew Kreisberg with art by Eric Gapstur and Phil Hester. Former Flash writer/artist Francis Manapul provides a fantastic variant cover for those who prefer art to the photo cover.

Flash Season Zero #1 variant cover by Francis Manapul

Flash: Seazon Zero #1 Hits Monday – Preview Up Now

Flash Season Zero Chapter 1 CoverDC has released a preview of Flash: Season Zero #1 through USA Today, along with an extensive article about the digital-first comic set in the TV series continuity.

The first arc features a group of circus performers turned supervillains by the particle accelerator incident (it sounds like a lot of villains get their powers this way). They’ll be taking advantage of the comic book format to do more elaborate visuals and “outlandish villains” that they’d never be able to get away with on a TV budget. There will also be hints about the TV show sprinkled throughout the series.

The circus troupe is apparently inspired by a group from Starman. “The few times especially on Arrow where we’ve tried to create our own villains, it hasn’t always worked out the best for us,” Kreisberg remarked, going on to say that even the smallest connection to an existing comic book character gives them something more solid to build from.

Flash: Season Zero will release a new digital chapter biweekly on Mondays, alternating with Arrow: Season 2.5. Print editions will follow the next month, with issue #1 hitting the shelves October 1, a week before the TV show debuts.

Story by Andrew Kreisberg, scripted by Brooke Eikmeier and Katherine Walczak. Art by Eric Gapstur and Phil Hester.

How Soon Will We See a Digital-First Flash Comic?

Flash TV logo on a tablet

DC’s new digital-first Sensation Comics series starring Wonder Woman got me thinking about the publisher’s digital-first strategy. In addition to continuity-free stories about Superman, Batman, and now Wonder Woman, it’s also their platform of choice for media tie-in comics to their games and TV shows: Smallville, Batman ’66, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Scribblenauts, Infinite Crisis, Arrow…

There’s an excellent chance that, with the Flash TV show launching in October, we’ll see a TV-continuity digital-first Flash series by the end of the year.

Double Your Flash!

If so, this would be the first time in years that we’ve had two Flash series running concurrently, unless you count the Rogues-heavy miniseries tied to Forever Evil, Blackest Night, and Final Crisis. (And really, isn’t it awesome that DC has been doing Rogues miniseries with so many of their big events lately?) Flash and Impulse ran together from 1995-2002, and All-Flash ran alongside Flash Comics from 1941-1948, during which time the Flash also had a regular solo spot in Comic Cavalcade.

Admittedly, the Arrow tie-in comic only ran during the first season of the show, but maybe the Flash’s higher profile among comics readers will translate to better sales?

Digital What?

For those of you who haven’t looked into DC’s digital-first comics, they typically release three chapters a month at 99 cents through services like ComiXology, Kindle, iTunes, Google Play, and DC’s own branded portal. Each month’s chapters are then collected in a $3.99 print edition. The comics are designed around a horizontal page layout to make them fit better on tablets and widescreen monitors, with two digital pages stacked vertically to make each printed page. (It typically ends up being about 30 pages of story instead of 20.)

You can read on a tablet, a phone (panel-by-panel view can be awkward for converted comics, but these are designed for, well, digital first), or a desktop/laptop through the ComiXology or DC websites. Or you can wait a month or two for the print edition, or a bit longer for the trade paperback.