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Flash Secret Files and Origins

A group of character-focused comics blogs have gotten together for a crossover event featuring DC Comics’ Secret Files and Origins books:

Today’s event was organized by Diabolu Frank and Anj. We here at Speed Force missed this one (unless you count posting this cover at the last minute), but we’ve participated in a number of past crossovers with the same group, including the original Crisis on Earth-Blog highlighting the George Perez/Alex Ross cover for the collected Crisis on Infinite Earths, celebrating the Super-Powers 25th Anniversary, posing a piece of the DC Challenge, plugging lesser-known comics with Read This Too!, Mayfairstivus’ look back at the DC Heroes RPG, and most recently Animated Anthem Day.

Review: Flash Secret Files and Origins 2010

More precisely, the book is Flash: Secret Files and Origins 2010 #1. (I’m always faintly amused at the tendency of comic book publishers to slap a big “#1” on the front of an obviously one-shot issue.) Like most of DC’s Secret Files books, this is made up of a lead story and a series of profile pages.

Lead Story

“Running to the Past” by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins was a fairly standard Flash story. It doesn’t really stand out as particularly good or bad, but it serves as an introduction to Barry Allen, his primary motivation (the retconned-in death of his mother), and the sometimes lonely life of a speedster.

There are some nice moments, like the sequence of panels early on in which Barry hits a light switch, pours himself a glass of water, and then the light comes on (though if you think about it, that only makes sense if the water is sped up too).

Oddly, while the whole story is drawn by Scott Kolins, the epilogue featuring the Rogues looks vastly different. It really highlights something I’ve mentioned before, which is how well-suited his art is to the Rogues.

It is a Barry Allen story, first and foremost, though the rest of the “good guy” speedsters show up briefly. I didn’t really expect anything beyond that, but the solicitation text suggested that Wally West and Bart Allen might be more involved, and I’m sure there are people out there for whom that will be a factor in whether they pick up the book. Perhaps DC planned bigger roles or a second story, back when they still planned a series of backup stories featuring Wally and a Kid Flash book featuring Bart, but if so, it didn’t make it to the finished product.

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Flash Secret Files Preview

DC has released a 6-page preview of the Flash Secret Files and Origins 2010, including 3 story pages and profiles of Iris Allen, Captain Cold, and Barry Allen. It’s…surprisingly decompressed for a single-issue origin story.

You can read the preview at the Source or at Newsarama.

Interestingly, the preview still lists the book as coming out next week, even though it was missing from Diamond’s “Upcoming Releases” list on Monday, DC changed the date to April 7 on their website yesterday, and Diamond listed the change to April 7 on today’s shipping updates. I’m guessing this is a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing…or more precisely, the left hand changing things while the right hand is on vacation and doesn’t have a chance to update.

Update (March 29): The book is on Diamond’s upcoming releases list for April 7.

Weekend Update: Rebirth Schedule & Secret Files

Some Flash news broke over the weekend. In case you missed the original posts…

First, Ethan Van Sciver reports that Flash: Rebirth #6 should be out sooner than March after all — he’s almost done with the art, and expects to finish this week!

Second, the Flash Secret Files 2010 solicitation is up. It’s due March 24.

I’ll be back this evening with a run-down of likely Flash appearances in the full March solicitations.