July 23, 2014

To Comic-Con! (SDCC 2014 Edition)

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SDCC Banner

Comic-Con International starts tonight and runs through Sunday, and as usual, Speed Force will be there to provide you with Flash-centric coverage.

Covering the Con

I’ll be onsite Thursday and Friday, tweeting and sharing photos from the floor, and posting photos nightly to Flickr. I’ll also be participating in SDCCBlog’s photo & video event on Google+ again. Watch for live coverage in the following places:

Plus we’ll be keeping an eye on the news reports out of the con for Flash-related announcements and Q&A items from panels.

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it to the big DC Entertainment event on Saturday. If you’re going to be at the con, plan on catching the premeire, and would like to write up the discussion/announcements, please let me know through the contact form. Thank you!

We’ve also got a list of Tips for Comic-Con to help you make your most of San Diego (and other cons, though some of the tips are SDCC-specific). Finally, here’s the archive of all our 2013 Comic-Con coverage from last year.

July 18, 2014

Flash Giant Tote Bag at SDCC

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Flash Tote Bag SDCC 2014

Warner Bros.’ giant tote bags have become a fixture at Comic-Con the last few years, and SuperHero Hype has the full set for 2014 — all 13 of them, including bags for each of DC Entertainment’s current and upcoming TV shows.

Yes, if you’re attending SDCC this year, you have a 1 in 13 chance of walking away from badge check-in with a Flash tote bag.

June 30, 2014

Flash TV Pilot to Screen at Comic-Con

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On Saturday, July 26, Warner Bros. will have a massive 3-hour event at Comic-Con International featuring the screenings of both the Gotham and Flash pilot episodes, scenes from Constantine, and cast/crew appearances.

Sadly, this means I won’t be able to attend the event, as I don’t have Saturday tickets. On the plus side, I also don’t have to worry about spending 4 hours waiting in line and getting shut out, so that’s 7 more hours of convention I can actually go to. Now that I think about it, I might be getting a better deal.

CS Flash TV Show Teaser Logo

June 12, 2014

Rumor: Flash/Green Lantern Movie in the Works

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Flash and Green Lantern

Take this with a huge grain of salt: Hollywood columnist Nikki Finke reports on a slew of DC movies expected to be announced at Comic-Con next month to follow up on Batman vs. Superman, including a Justice League movie, a Wonder Woman solo film, and a Flash/Green Lantern (not Ryan Reynolds) team-up in 2017. (via The Beat)

Keep in mind that Warner Bros. was expected to announce a Flash movie last year, which didn’t happen, though a few weeks later they announced the TV series. And of course even if a movie really is in the works, there’s no guarantee it will actually get made, as a Flash movie has spent a full decade in development hell since being announced back in 2004.

It’s still not clear whether DC’s Man of Steel spinoffs will be taking place in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash, but wouldn’t it be cool for a Flash/Green Lantern team-up film to hit during the mid-season hiatus of Flash season three?

(Image: Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold #1 cover by Barry Kitson.)

July 21, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 — Well, That Was Different

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It often takes me several weeks to finish writing up the whole Comic-Con experience, and while I’ll probably think of a few things I need to add somewhere, I’ve actually finished already, just hours after the convention’s end.

You can read my full article at K-Squared Ramblings, where I write about:

  • Trying to blend the chaos of Comic Con with the chaos of a toddler.
  • Booth-sitting for Brian Buccellato.
  • Doing the impossible: adding a night’s hotel stay during the con (and not at the Bates Motel!)
  • Losing Friday afternoon to a stay in the emergency room. (Food allergies. We hates them.)
  • Breakfast fiasco and success.
  • Thwarted attempts to get exclusives.
  • Protester parodies, floating minions, giant Teen Titans, and lots and lots of LEGO.
  • Oh yeah, and costumes too.


Flashpoint Paradox SDCC Promotional Clip

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Cast and crew talk about Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox in this brief clip from Comic-Con. I’m going to have to look for the panel discussion I missed.

The animated movie is available on DVD and Blu-Ray July 30, and as a digital download right now.