July 28, 2014

Flash Photography: SDCC 2014

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I’m back from two days (Thursday & Friday) at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Lia has been keeping you all up to date with the news and announcements, and I’ve been putting together my photo album from the event, including a lot of pics that didn’t make it to Instagram. Check out the photo gallery on Flickr!

July 27, 2014


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It’s pretty late here on the east coast, and CBR and Newsarama seem to have ended their news coverage before the start of this panel. All reporting comes from the Twitter account @KSiteTV and their sister site, @FlashTVNews.

The Flash pilot officially aired for the first time tonight at SDCC. However, it’s an open secret that the pilot leaked onto the Internet about a month ago, and that’s why there have been so many spoilers flying around. The information repeated here does contain spoilers for the pilot (and beyond), so be warned.

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July 26, 2014

Flash Collectibles at SDCC

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Along with Toy Fair, San Diego Comic-Con is known for being one of the major showcases of upcoming toys and statues. This year has been no different, giving fans some sneak peeks at several Flash-related figures.

sideshow prototype There’s a truly amazing 1:6 scale Flash figure coming out from Sideshow Collectibles. I don’t think the release date or price (Sideshow tends to have high-end products which are priced accordingly) have been announced yet, but it’s awfully tempting. There will also be a Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman released in the same line, and you can see some more photos here.

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July 25, 2014

Multiversity at SDCC

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Grant Morrison held a Multiversity panel at SDCC on Friday, and there were several details of interest to Flash fans. And today there was also the debut of Morrison’s Multiversity map, a psychadelic guide to the DC universe. The map includes the Speed Force Wall, which is “otherwise known to the denizens of the Orrery as the Speed of Light”. Unfortunately I can’t quite read the rest of the text in full because it’s rather small, but it’ll be interesting to hear more about it.

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“Champions of Justice” Panel at SDCC

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There was a “Champions of Justice” (the Justice League group of titles) panel on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, and Flash writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen were there, along with DC’s Chief Creative Officer (and producer on the Flash TV series) Geoff Johns. CBR and Newsarama were on hand to cover the event. There are mild spoilers included here, but the creators were seemingly trying not to give away too much information. See more after the cut.

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New Flash TV Promo

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Check out this new Comic-Con exclusive 30-second preview for the upcoming Flash TV series! It’s a lot of fun, and be sure to look at the police officer’s crossword puzzle — there are several easter egg references to the Flashverse and Arrow (possible hints?). Also note the reference to a DCU character on the billboard.

In other TV news, Candice Patton (Iris West) gave an interview about working on the series.

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