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Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-02-15

  • Hey, WonderCon, given any thought to posting your schedule? I have a trip to plan and I need to know how many days I’ll be at the con! #
  • Finally gave up on Heroes, at least for this season. I just can’t watch this for the next 2.5 months. #
  • RT @hbkb9 Scott Porter rumored to be in the running to play the Flash #
  • Aha! #SanDiego #ComicCon hotels open on March 19! #
  • And the WonderCon schedule has been posted as well!#
  • “Power Up” plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs #
  • Fixed comment preview on iPhone/Android, but found a bug in Android that gives you a 404 when you post a comment. It does post, though. #
  • Bought this week: Batman, REBELS, Fables, Booster Gold. On Wednesday. Still haven’t read any of them yet. *sigh* #

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EVS Talks Flash – plus Flash: Rebirth #2 Solicited!

Head over to Speedster Site for a round-up of Ethan Van Sciver answering Flash: Rebirth questions!

Also, Newsarama has posted a preview of DC’s May 2009 solicitations, including Flash: Rebirth #2:

The Flash: Rebirth #2

Flash: Rebirth #2Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ethan Van Sciver
Covers by Ethan Van Sciver

What’s happened to the Speed Force? One of the world’s most powerful speedsters is dead, and Barry Allen must discover who – or what – is responsible! But the reborn Barry is a man haunted by a dark secret in his past. A secret that drives him to push far beyond his limits. A burden that, if he’s not careful, could send him right back into oblivion! Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver’s reinvention of the Scarlet Speedster picks up the pace – we dare you to keep up!

Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. For every 25 copies of the Standard Edition (with a cover by Ethan Van Sciver), retailers may order one copy of the Variant Edition (with a cover by Ethan Van Sciver). Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.

On sale May 6 • 2 of 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Mo’s Flash Volume 2 Reviews: Review Three

Flash #5, October 1987

Story overview:
The issue starts out in Syracuse, New York and Tina McGee is telling Jerry, her husband, that they are getting a divorce. Jerry doesn’t like this and takes it out on Tina. Jerry abuses Tina and runs off to Volton Labs, division 8, where he works. He injects himself with a steroid which we learn is making him angry and abusive. It’s his 29th injection of steroid B-Q19 and he says that he is “now ready to proceed with stage three of Project Ubermensch. The story now cuts to Long Island where Flash is putting together a TV set with full surround sound stereo. He gets a call from Tina and she tells him what has happened between her and Jerry. Note that both her and Flash don’t know about Project Ubermensch. Flash runs to Tina and on his way explains how he met her and all that jazz from issues #3 and #4. He gets to her at a fine dining spot called the Blue Swan where Flash has 2 meals. Tina explains to Flash that Jerry has been taking steroids (she doesn’t know what they do) and that they make Jerry paranoid, dangerous, and crazy. She says that Jerry can find her in the city and she wants to leave, but is afraid he’ll follow them out. Wally runs her to his place and shows her around. While this is happening, Jerry puts on a suit and we learn that the steroid gave him super speed and he is pretty damn strong. He acts completely paranoid and starts his hunt for Tina and Wally. Note that Wally’s secret identity isn’t so secret. Cut back to Long Island where Wally’s father is at the door. He explains to Wally that he and Wally’s mother were experiencing some difficulties and they used up the $500,000 that Wally gave them when he won the lotto. Tina shows Wally an editorial in the newspaper that cancels his town’s liability service since he moved in. Tina and Wally go to a very nice place to eat (he has two filet mignons and a lobster), Wally’s Pops stay in Wally’s house sleeping. In the restaurant Wally spots the president of the city council who wrote the editorial in the newspaper. They have quite the heated discussion about the editorial and all. Once home, Wally and Tina go to sleep in their respective rooms. Tina comes into Wally’s room saying that she only feels safe in his arms and some more lovey dovey jibber-jabber. They hear a few CRASH-BOOM-THUMPS and the house’s alarm system rings. A fist comes through the wall of the room Wally and Tina are in and it turns out to be crazy Jerry McGee—all steroided up; fast and strong. Flash lays a few punches on him when Jerry runs off with Tina. Angry, crazy, and blind Jerry with Tina in his arms makes a ‘SPLANG-WHUMP’ into none other than a Texaco Fuel Depot. And BOOM!

It amazes me how much story they fit in comics back then. At quite a few points in the story, I could see the issue ending right then and there, and it didn’t! I’m guessing this is because I’m used to today’s shorter storied comics. This issue really stresses Jerry’s psycho – craziness. It has him beating up complete strangers for looking at him in his ridiculous yellow and purple suit. I mean if you saw a random person in an outlandish yellow/ purple suit, who wouldn’t look? Jerry’s paranoia is almost to the point of no return. Things I noticed throughout the issue:
•No offense to Jackson Guice, but the anatomy in this issue is really well, an issue (I know, I had to).
•Flash’s symbol is a lot higher up on his chest throughout the issue, even noticeably on the cover.
•No offense to any colourists from 1987, but to me it looks like colourists had a heck of a easier job than they do today.
•Lots of BAM-POW-THUD-CRASH-WHACK-POP’s in this issue.
•This is more of a general Flash Vol. 2 so far thing I noticed—there’s a lot of jumping out of/being thrown out windows.
Overall, I really like how this story is going and it’s definitely believable.

Writing: Five out of five stars. Believable, and fun.
Art: Four out of five stars. Anatomy really annoyed me at some parts.

Favorite Quote:
“But, dad! I thought that money would help you and mom!” “Well I suppose it did for a while…. But now that it’s gone…” “But DAD! That was $500,000!” –Wally West, Rudolph West, page 15.

As usual, more after the break!

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Flash: Rebirth #2 Cover and Didio on Why Barry?

Newsarama’s latest 20 questions with Dan Didio is up, featuring a detailed response to the question, “Why bring Barry back when Wally has been the Flash for a whole generation of readers?” — and the cover to Flash: Rebirth #2, an homage to that classic Showcase #4 cover (previously reimagined for the collected edition of “The Return of Barry Allen”)

Showcase #4 Flash: Rebirth #2

Time to start worrying about dead speedsters?

The Q&A segment is long, so I’ll put it after the cut.

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Flash and the Mechanical Brain

A recent post at Crimson Lightning with a boxy golden-age robot reminded me of this design from Flash Comics #52, “The Machine that Thinks Like a Man.”

The Mechanical Brain

The “mechanical brain” was basically a computer, but of course back in the 1940s, computers were mostly stuck in the realm of science-fiction (except for the occasional warehouse-sized monstrosity with less computing power than a modern calculator). It was built by scientific genius Evart Keenan, a recurring character who left Earth for the alien planet Karma so that his inventions wouldn’t call into the wrong hands. Oddly enough, his first appearance leads directly into the first appearance of the Thinker!

Speed Reading: Reviews, Theories, Sketches and Films

Titans Tower Monitor Room has a whole series of sketches from New York Comic Con including a classic Kid Flash by Alex Saviuk, a Flash by Greg LaRocque, and a set of classic Teen Titans by Karl Kerschl.

Comic Bloc’s Iron Sun 254 has a theory on the nature of the Speed Force.

Crimson Lightning has the results of the Favorite Flash Vol.2 Writer poll: Mark Waid wins handily, with Geoff Johns a close second. The next poll (on the sidebar of any page at Crimson Lightning): who’s your favorite Flash leading lady?

The Jim Aparo Fan Club profiles Flash #311, his only Flash cover. lists Barry and Iris Allen among their 10 great comic-book couples.

Reilly2040 reviews Legion of Three Worlds #3, focusing on the Flash elements.

Fan Cinema Today reviews The Flash: Crossover the fan film released a few weeks ago from Influence Films.

One more: The Cool Kids Table’s Ben Morse writes about why he likes Wally West.