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Long Beach Comic Con Photos & Writeup (2010)

I had fun this past Saturday at Long Beach Comic Con. I haven’t had time to write up a report yet (probably tomorrow), but I’ve posted my photos on Flickr.

Update: I’ve finished my Long Beach Comic Con write-up! It was a fun convention, very artist– and writer-focused, and definitely worth visiting annually for Southern California comic book fans. Head over to K-Squared Ramblings to read the whole review!


Hulk Smash Puny Convention!

Sold Out Flash-Related Item To Be Offered Again On “Cyber Monday” and first picture of JLU Jay Garrick

For those of you that haven’t heard, Mattel is planning on re-releasing a number of sold out items that had been offered previously through their online collector store,, in an online sale, dubbed “Cyber Monday”.

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Coming Up: Long Beach Comic Con & 50 Questions with Mark Waid

Mark Waid: 50 Questions in 50 Minutes.For the Southern California folks, this weekend is the second annual Long Beach Comic Con. I had a great time last year, and plan to go again this year for one day, if time permits.

One of the fun panels last year was 50 Questions in 50 Minutes with Mark Waid. The former Flash writer and current BOOM Studios EIC is doing it again this year, and collecting questions on CBR. The deadline for submitting questions is 3:00 PM Pacific Time on Friday.

On another note, my new employer has been sending me to the Adobe MAX conference this week. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a trade show, but I’ve been to a lot of fan conventions, including two Wizard Worlds at the same convention center (Los Angeles), so I can’t help but compare them. Continue reading

Triple Flash in December

DC has shuffled the schedule for The Flash again, pushing the two Scott Kolins/Rogue Profile issues back a bit more. Flash #7 is now due December 1, and Flash #8 is scheduled for December 15. Flash #9, the first issue of the next arc and the return of regular artist Francis Manapul, is still on the line for December 29, meaning that if this schedule holds, we’ll see three issues of The Flash in December. (Well, you will…I probably won’t have time to make it to the comic store all month!)

The Flash #6, concluding “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues,” has been pushed one more week to November 17.

(Thanks to Eric Ridgeway for the scoop!)

Guggenheim Talks Flash Movie

Marc Guggenheim spoke to Newsarama about the planned Flash movie. Screen Rant has transcribed bits from the video clip.


  • He describes it as a hybrid CSI thriller/superhero/sports movie (based on the athleticism of the character).
  • They’re drawing from Geoff Johns’ run, Mark Waid’s philosophy of speed, and the Silver Age. In particular:

    We’ve also tried to take our inspiration from the old Silver Age Barry Allen stories and imbue it with that sense of fun and wonder while still keeping that cool, slightly darker tone.”

  • Guggenheim keeps suggesting cameos from elsewhere in the DCU, but those decisions would be made way above his level.

Poll: The Flash’s Earpieces

How do you prefer the Flash’s earpieces to be drawn? (red suit)

Wings. 19% (46 votes)
Lightning bolts. 12% (29 votes)
Wings for Barry, lightning bolts for Wally. 58% (137 votes)
Wings for Wally, lightning bolts for Barry. 4% (9 votes)
So that’s what those things are! 2% (5 votes)
No preference. 4% (9 votes)
Other. 1% (2 votes)
  • John Fox’s not-attached-to-his-head floating wings
  • abstract enough to be identifiable as neither

Update: The results are in.