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Flash #9 Preview & New Covers

DC has posted a preview of Flash #9 (out next week), along with the final covers.

FLASH issue nine, on sale next Wednesday, kicks off the much anticipated Prelude to FLASHPOINT storyline. Writer Geoff Johns and artist Francis Manapul are crafting a murder mystery with a heck of a twist. Who dies? We won’t say here (yet), but we’ll let this question linger: “You recognize the costume?”

Interestingly, it seems they’ve swapped the primary covers for Flash #9 and Flash #10 to keep the “character-focused” theme running through January’s books as close to January as possible. And while the book was originally solicited with a Scott Kolins variant cover, it’s being shipped with one by Tyler Kirkham.

They’ve also replaced the “Brightest Day” banner with “The Road to Flashpoint.”

Read the preview at The Source or at CBR.

Update: Francis Manapul has been posting scans of the uncolored interior artwork on his DeviantArt page: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 5, and Page 6.

How Big Is DC: The Art of Modern Mythmaking?

Just how big is 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking? Well, my first thought on opening the box was “Holy crap, this thing’s bigger than my kid!”

Granted, he’s still kind of small (just barely two months old), but the book is huge. 16 inches high, 12 inches across, 3 inches thick. 14.4 pounds. (J weighed in at 10 pounds, 4 ounces a couple of days later.) It comes with its own cardboard carrying case with a handle.

Yes, it comes with its own luggage! Robert Jordan joked about shipping the conclusion to The Wheel of Time with its own luggage cart, but Taschen actually followed through!

But these numbers are still kind of abstract. How does it stack up against other books?

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Geraplica Sculptoys Custom Barry Allen 1:1 Scale Head Bust

Salutations, fellow Speed Readers. I’m here today with pictures of a beautiful piece of Flash sculpture courtesy of Glenmarc “Flash” Antonio. Glen may seem a bit familiar as he was the subject of Speed Force’s first Flash Collector Showcase. Hailing from the Republic of the Philippines, Glen is nationally known as the biggest Flash collector in the country. Glen and his collection make regular appearances at various toy and comic conventions throughout the year where he usually shows off his vast Flash collection. In addition to collecting Flash stuff he also has large collections of Marvel Comics action figures (particularly Deadpool and Blade), G.I. Joes, and many others. He also cosplays frequently and customizes action figures.

Now this bust is sold only in the Philippines and can be found in some hobby shops for Php 1,000 or about $20. Usually you have to go directly to the sculptor to get one made. While it is not exactly a custom sculpt it does have a few distinctions that set it apart from other versions of this bust on the market. But before we go into that have a look:

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Speed Reading

Interesting links spotted over the past week.

Art, webcomics and humor:



Recent Acquisitions Vol.3: My Holy Grail (and various other relics) *Image Intensive*

Every collector has one. That one item, that really rare piece that if they could just attain it your collection could almost be complete (almost). It could be something that you’ve only seen in magazines, or an item that was almost within your grasp before it was snatched out from under your nose. Eobard Thawne even has one as you can see above . By the way I’m not encouraging any violence in the pursuit of collectibles, it just seemed like the most appropriate picture. 😀

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